KYA HUA TERA VAADA: Ekta Kapoor, Mona Singh, take a bow!

Thu, July 26, 2012 7:00pm IST by
KYA HUA TERA VAADA: Ekta Kapoor, Mona Singh, take a bow!

The duo finally did what we’ve been waiting for since the show’s launch in January

We are now big fans of Kya Hua Tera Vaada. If you had watched the last two episodes, you will agree with us. Mona Singh, the character, has finally grown a spine! Yes the lady has shown that she is a strong person who can face any kind of trouble with courage. And she doesn’t need a man – even the handsome Vinith – to protect her.

This is what happened: Bhatia, a lecher, lures Mona to his hotel room to have his way with her. He accuses her of having slept her way through to her promotion. An angry Mona yells at him. When she finds the door locked and realises she is cornered, she takes her slipper and almost attacks him with it. “I am a Sikhni,” she says. “Try to touch me and see what I will do.” She manages to unlock the door and open it, only to find Vinith on the other side. He, and not Mona, is the one who slaps Bhatia, but the point has been made. Mona is one helluva capable woman. When she meets Pradeep later, she tells him she now has a job and identity of her own. “I am no longer only Mrs Pradeep Singh.” There is nothing he can say to that.

Yes, the show still has several clichés, but it will be interesting to see how Ekta Kapoor and her team further develop Mona’s character. Don’t you think so?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sum

    thru serial people realise lot of things…..i wish mona should marry vineet & show people that woman are also humans & need to live life…i want u to show all the ladies out there that life never ends with problems. theres is always a happy way

  • frank

    the serial is dragging…i want to see happening between vineet & mona. they deserve lots of love

  • sush

    what rubbish is going on? why high profile engagement & marriage….a register marriage will be fine for these married couple.
    common mona, dont have same attitude towards vineet. start loving him. i dont want women to be depicted emotional & sensitive in this situation. pls show woman as positive & happy in life.

  • jay

    It seems like vineeets parents are against. I want to see mona & vineet wedding. That pradeep doesent deserve mona’s love at all. Mona marry vineet & show ur ex-husband women’s life dosent end when a husband leaves.

    • Aarushe

      you are righrt

  • sana

    please kill pardeep character i am not stand if mona go with pardeep everyone stop watch this horriable end if mona with parddep end show its flop show

  • tina

    if you vinnet character negative everyone stop watch ekta kappor so selfish person

  • sana

    i want mona vinnet wedding

  • sana

    i want to see vinnet mona love story mona vinnet love story