Kya Huaa Tera Vaada: How will Jatin woo Mona?

Hiten Tejwani is back in Mona Singh’s life and this time he is not taking ‘no’ for an answer

We were a little upset initially that Mona was going to be all alone in Kya Huaa Tera Vaada with no one to romance her. But looks like the makers have been listening to our pleas as they have brought back the ever charming Jatin (Hiten Tejwani).

Mona and Hiten met before the 10-year leap. Hiten had expressed a desire to marry her, but Mona refused the offer on the grounds of taking care of her children and still being in love with Pradeep (Pawan Shankar). Now with no Pradeep in the scene, we think it’s the perfect comeback for Hiten, no? So the big question is will Mona move on and embrace the new relationship? Or will she continue dwelling in the hallucinations of her dead husband?

We believe that this is the perfect opportunity for Jatin to woo his soulmate Mona. So here’s our guide on what the dude could do to win the heart of his lady love:

# The kids are big and more mature so we are guessing they will be open to the idea of a new daddy in their life. You always need a wing man in such scenarios.

#Bulbul (Sargun Mehta – Mona’s eldest daughter), who apparently works in Hiten’s office, can suddenly get a raise and promotion – the age-old bribing never goes out of fashion.

# Jatin can buy Mona’s restaurant considering he’s so rich, and then make the move for her from a closer point – typical Mills & Boon style!

# He can stake his life for her. “Marry me or I will commit suicide!” Sholay style, but he doesn’t have to jump from a water tank; there are a gazillion other ways.

# Considering Mona’s the leading lady – she’s bound to fall in trouble more than once. So he can be her knight in shining armour.

# Get Mona drunk and claim that she used him (physically) and now she has to marry him and save his reputation. How we wish that were true!

# We would have suggested the proposal on bended knees, but we somehow don’t see that happening.

# Jatin could promise to get Pradeep back from the graves (after a word with Ekta Kapoor of course), but she has to marry him first.

Frankly we don’t care how Jatin does it, as long as he manages to get Mona. ‘Coz we seriously believe in happy endings, no?