LADIES VS RICKY BAHL: Ranveer reveals missing lines from his ‘Aadat se majboor’ rap

There’s more to Ranveer Singh’s rap than just the few lines you’ve heard in this track

Ranveer Singh’s rap in Aadat se majboor from his latest film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl really caught our fancy, so much so that we wished it had been longer. No offence, Benny Dayal. We were quite excited to learn that actually, it was longer! Ranveer said recently that his rap had two more verses, but they were cut out of the final track. Now isn’t that sad? Don’t fret, we’ve got the missing lyrics for you. After reading the lyrics, we must say we are both impressed and sad – impressed because the lines are quite funny and sad because they didn’t make the final cut. Wouldn’t it be great to hear Ranveer rap some more? The actor claims he had a great time recording. “First when I went into the studio to do my rap, I was just watching Benny at work. He is so amazing at what he does. To see the collaboration between him and Salim sir (of music director duo Salim-Suleiman). It was such an exciting creative process to see two such beautifully talented and creative people working in sync with each other like that. When I started rapping it was sounding kind of monotonous so Benny stayed back after he had finished his bit to give me suggestions. It was my first time in a recording studio and it was so exciting. I’m not a recording artist but they pushed me and they really got the best work out of me. The lyrics were all about Ricky, but there were other parts that didn’t make it. Here’s what you missed:

Tall dark handsome charming funny

Kabhi Dev, Iqbal toh kabhi Sunny

Sorry girlfriend tu toh bani dummy

Tu fisli but I was only after your money.


Number 29 was my baby girl Dimple

Yaar tere papa ko banana was so simple

Tez aayi meri Mumbaiwaali Raina

Yaad rakh main hoon Ricky jo kabhi haath aaye na

Saira ka toh mushkil kardiya maine jeena

Not a nice guy because I’m a bloody kameena!”

Till YRF decides to re-release the track with the additional lines, here’s Ranveer’s rap that was not left out at the editing table.

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