Lady Gaga is all set to go Indian!

Lady Gaga is all set to go Indian!

The Poker Face star with a distinctive fashion statement had a session with Simi G – and she got a new outfit that she loves, we hear!

Lady Gaga, the American pop singer known for her cool compositions and unconventional dressing style is all set for her India tour this October. Cashing in on her visit, Simi Garewal has lured the diva with an exclusive designer lehenga to feature on her TV show, India’s Most Desirable. The best part is all the Lady Gaga fans will get to see their favourite musician react to Simi’s infuriating questions. We wonder how Gaga will take the tormenting tarot session and Kiki’s (Simi’s split personality) harrowing antics. Maybe she will swallow the unbearable saccharine sweetness with a fistful of salt and entertain viewers with her funky rendition. What we are waiting to see is the costume she’s going to wear on the show. As of now, she’s planning to flaunt her love for India by donning the lehenga Simi has reportedly gifted her, with a halter blouse. But you never know – she might just change her mind at the last moment and appear in something that creates headlines. That’s Lady Gaga for you, always wearing the wrong things at the right time. After all, she was Born This Way, you know! The Simi-Gaga confab is awaited eagerly, till then we groove to Gaga’s superhit songs…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Porquet

    I’m excited for her new video too! I saw a picture from it on and it looks so cool

  • sandeep

    gaga is real artist……. i m really exited to see her u mother monster

  • RJZ

    Gaga is an amazing artist!!!! SHE IS THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!cant wait to see her in india