Lady Gaga may attend ‘RA.One’ premiere!

It would be great to see the Born This Way artiste at the premiere of RA.One, especially in one of her outrageous costumes

Shahrukh Khan is not willing to leave any opportunity to promote his upcoming ambitious film, RA.One. He has included many international musicians and technicians for making this big project successful. What’s more, his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment recently tweeted “Breaking News: Lady Gaga may attend RA.One premiere!” If indeed Lady Gaga attends the premiere, it will be a first. A few days back, SRK had announced in an interview that he is planning to coordinate with some national as well as international superstars (looks like there are going to be more names apart from Lady Gaga). SRK had said that when he was chatting with the Lady about a song he wanted her to do, her manager said, ‘Lady Gaga wants to introduce her audience to you and she wants you to introduce her to your audience’. SRK is only happy that here is an artiste who believes in simple business, just like him! As international artiste Akon’s song Chammak challo is already a hit, now if Lady Gaga also lends her voice for a song in RA.One, it will be a double treat for King Khan and the audiences alike. Also, it would be great to see the artiste Poker Face-ed at the premiere of RA.One, especially in one of her outrageous costumes!