Lara Dutta defends Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!

Sat, May 19, 2012 10:30am IST by
Lara Dutta defends Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!

The two new moms of B-town share li’l in common apart from the fact that they are, well, mommies

While Lara Dutta was pretty open about her pregnancy and post-pregnancy days, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan kept herself miles away from the shutterbugs. What’s more, Dutta has bounced back and is all set to sign new films. At the same time, Ash dearest is still struggling with her bulges.

But when Lara saw how her fellow mommy from B-town was being targeted by the media, she decided to stand up for her. “You have no rights to pass comments on a woman like Aishwarya, who has gone through a hard time during pregnancy. I didn’t put on weight because I practiced yoga during my pregnancy, but that’s a personal choice which may not be the case with Ash. So, please refrain from getting judgmental,” she said to a local daily.

We wholeheartedly accept your point of view, dear Lara. But watching you get so excited over making a comeback makes us hope that Ash does it too. But looks like our Bachchan bahu will probably take a tad bit longer. And while we wait, we can’t help but wonder if your coveted fitness tips would do some good to our darling Ash too. Wouldn’t they?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Citizen of India

    It is disturbing that the Media won’t let Aishwarya alone. She is a public figure but it isn’t her job to please the Media post delivery. And I say Media because the public is clearly disturbed by the proactive persecution of this mother by the Media. I bet the journalist who write these article have difficulty empathizing with someone in their own family (or perhaps their own selves) who have been mothers. I live in America and I do not worship slim mothers, neither do I want to be one. Leave Aishwarya and her family alone and please do not set a mean tone to the Media. Mr Media you are better than this.