Lara Dutta experiences unconditional love

It’s the kind of love only a mother feels

At the launch of the fitness DVD, Prenatal Yoga with Lara Dutta, the sexy mummy couldn’t stop gushing about the new person in her life, her four-month-old daughter Saira. The 34-year-old leading lady, who has been away from film studios to fulfill her motherly duties, says, “She is totally using and abusing me and I am very happy about it. She is wonderful and is a lovely little girl. She is a joy to be around and I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Lara continues, “The love for your child becomes so unconditional that the reality of who you really are becomes very clear to you, because that is totally reflected in your child. That kind of unconditional love which you experience makes you very vulnerable. It also makes you aware of the world and everything which surrounds it.”

Aww…isn’t that so sweet! Wish another new B-town mommy – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who seldom opens up about anything – would learn to bask in the glory and share the joys of motherhood like Lara does.