Lara Dutta takes you from Las Vegas to Beijing in a jiffy!

The former beauty queen goes on a one-of-a-kind trip around the globe in 20 minutes!

It is almost impossible to take a world tour and enjoy the best sights of cities like Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and Moscow, among others, in just 20 minutes! But even the highly unimaginable things are made possible if you are a beauty of the stature of Lara Dutta.

The former Miss World took people on a trip around the globe in just 20 minutes at the launch of the office of the US-based travel website Expedia. The former beauty queen took people from the media as well as guests on a walk across the 42,000 sq ft property designed in a way to represent various key global destinations. “A walk around the place helps one identify with the thought of Expedia. I was brimming with excitement as we went around each zone that represented a travel destination,” said Lara

We hope that the extensively travelled mother will take her baby Saira around the mini-world tour too! We are quite sure it would be a walk to remember for the toddler, before she gets all set to fly high with her actor mother and sportsman father!