Lara Dutta to officially promote American TV show Grey’s Anatomy?

It’s no secret that this yummy-mummy is a big fan of the medical soap. But will she do anything more than just praising it?

Buzz has it that Lara Dutta Bhupathi is delighted about the squeaky new season of Grey’s Anatomy. And this one reigns high on the list of her hot favourites because she totally relates to the character of Dr Meredith Grey essayed by Ellen Pompeo.

“The character of Meredith struck an emotional chord with me when I first saw the show. It reminded me of my past, when I started off as an ordinary girl and paved my way through the title of Miss India and then Miss Universe. I always believed in doing what was right irrespective of the outcome. I could relate to Meredith instantly when I saw the same quality in her. It’s a show where she truly deals with life, death and everything in between and hence I can completely relate to someone like Meredith Grey, like a lot of other people who have seen the show and are inspired by her character,” Lara said in an interview.

But will she do anything apart from just hooting for her cherished show? Maybe. We are told that this Mommy has shot an official promo for GA. Hmmmm, so guess after Anushka Manchanda – who reminds us about the new season of Grey’s Anatomy every now and then – we will have Lara Dutta popping up during the commercials. Or will we?