Lara Dutta wants to start working ASAP!

So what if Lara is a brand new mommy? That’s definitely not going to stop her from coming back in front of the camera, says the actor

Lara Dutta, who was recently seen sharing fitness secrets with ladies through her new DVD is yearning to come back to her place under the harsh spotlights. But c’mon! You’re a mommy, aren’t you supposed to take a longish kind of a break, we wondered aloud about her. Pat came the reply from Lara: “So many actors have become mothers. They have all taken their time to come back. So, I think this is an outdated concept that if someone has become a mother, so she will sit at home. I can’t wait to get back to acting.”

But for now Mrs Bhupathi will choose only those roles that will allow her to spend ample time with darling daughter Saira. “My film choices are obviously going to be dictated by Saira’s welfare. I am not going to do films which would require me to stay on the sets from morning to night or for multiple days in a row. So, I will pick my movies very carefully.”

What’s more, Lara revealed that she’s been getting some interesting offers and that’s what is nudging her to start acting again. Isn’t that totally kewl? Looking at Lara dearest getting so enthusiastic about coming back, we definitely think so. Wonder if a certain Bachchan bahu is listening. Wink, wink.