Lata Mangeshkar quashes rumours about ill heath on Twitter

After the sad news of actor Nanda’s death, Bollywood fans were shocked to hear about legendary singer Lata’s failing health. However looks like all’s well at her end…

Lata Mangeshkar took to her micro-blogging page to rubbish all rumours about her deteriorating health condition. The singer’s absence from media glare and private lifestyle created a lot of confusion in the media, after whispers about her failing condition made rounds. Mageshkar said on her Twitter page, Namaskar. Meri tabiyat ke baare mein afwaayein phail rahi hai. Par aap sab ka pyar aur duaaien hain ke meri tabiyat bilkul thik hai.”

With the reclusive singer missing from social circuit, fans and well wishers were concerned. The legend’s statement on Twitter came as a relief. Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar too was one of then harrowed Mangeshkar fan who spoke to the singer and expressed his anger and disgust on Twitter. He tweeted, “Just spoke to @mangeshkarlata. Lata I is hale and hearty. So please stop spreading baseless rumors.”

In February last year there were similar rumours that suggested that Lata Mangeshkar was no more.