Latest Amul hoarding pays homage to Dev Anand

Known for its creative campaigns, this butter brand has yet again come up with something that touches your heart and soul

The recent Amul ad that pays tribute to the late legend has opted for a caption that’s a famous song from his movie Hum Dono (1962). Summarising the vivacious veteran’s life in just one line – Main Zindagi Ka Saath nibhata chala gaya, the creative team behind the campaign couldn’t have come up with a better idea. As Dev saab has and always will be remembered as an evergreen person, the hoarding doesn’t fail to mention the most prominent aspect of his personality, his liveliness, by labelling themselves as the ‘evergreen butter’. The ad is sure to take you back to the black and white era of celluloid, wherein everything was as soulful and indigenous as the hearty Dev Anand. We appreciate the brand’s initiative of coming up with a concept that venerates the most exuberant man of Indian cinema without sounding buttery, however ironic it may sound. And the creative tinge in the poster makes it all the more interesting, just the way a typical Amul hoarding has been since ages….