Laxmi Pooja: Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar… Who’s the most bankable star?

Posted Tue, November 13, 2012 11:00am IST

There are stars and there are superstars. Some understand what the audience expects from them, while others make the audience see what they want them to see. However, it is the eventual outcome – the moolah generated at the box office – that roars the loudest. A film may be an average product, but it is the sheer power of these super personalities who are associated with them that makes them blockbusters. These super-powers are indeed the movers and shakers of the film industry….

On the eve of Laxmi pooja, BollywoodLife spoke to leading exhibitor-distributor Akshaye Rathi to discover how much money is riding on B-town’s most cherished stars and their films.

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  • dabangg

    dabangg khan is no 1

    • Raju

      Khiladi is the best actor in all hero

      • kiaqdug

        the one and only sallu bhai……………

    • Rahul singh

      Akshay is the best

      • kiaqdug

        abay o jo filmun me b marathi hindi bolta ho wo kia no. 1 bnay ga

        • kiaqdug

          sallu bhai is the best…………………………

  • polly

    salman khan is the most bankable star………………

    • ramiz

      the one only SRK

  • giya

    salman is the best

  • younu

    srk is the best…………..

    • amu kaha

      after salman khan..

    • GOBIND

      after salman khan

  • khan is back

    King khan is bast

  • amu kaha

    dabangg khan is the best….

  • india

    salman in best tiger and dabaang khan anybody cannot beat one only tiger salu bai you rockssssssssssssssssss

  • The Whole World

    SHahrukh khan is d best

  • Linda

    Srk rocksssssssssssss

  • Beyonce

    I luv srk

  • Salman

    Shahrukh khan is d most bankable star,not impotent salman khan

    • Nilesh

      When, when will SRGay fans accept the truth? Hopefully before the world ends!! I doubt that even.

  • EM

    salman is really no 1 actor

    • Khan

      some one having 50 flops in the past can’t be
      no 1 actor

  • rony

    sallu best

  • Saurabh

    Akshay is better as he established himself in bollywood without any godfather

  • Ankur bansal

    Akshay is the best……lord krishna vasudev yadav……khans ke bhagwan..
    Oh my god………k786 love u khiladi of bollywood

    • nadeem

      tera baap akki ……….ankur bansal

      • abhi

        salman tera baao he jya re nadeem

  • nadeem

    salman no.1 actor and real king of bollywood….baki actor nalle………

  • praween kumar

    Akashy is the best actor

    • sarveshmishra

      amir khan is the best salman to kachra actor hai

  • Unknown

    Why don’t u make ur comparisons according to talent? In the near future what will matter to your cinema will be no number!

  • ragini

    salman the best

  • anku danial

    kya body hai bai

  • naqshi

    waah ray sallu bhai ap mera meri jaan qurbaan……

  • avinash luha

    The one and only The Lion King of Bollywood AJAY DEVGN is the only Actor who can Act any kind of Act Comedy, Action, Romantic,Serious. Nobody act like him. So AJAY DEVGN is the Number One Actor of Bollywood

  • Manish kumar

    Salman is the best actor in bollywood.

  • Heraat

    Amir khan is real actor in bollywood………….