LEAKED: Story of Shirish Kunder’s ‘Joker’

LEAKED: Story of Shirish Kunder’s ‘Joker’

Exclusive: A source who claims to have read the script of director Shirish Kunder’s 3D film Joker starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha shared a summary of the story and we really HAD to share it with you…

We ain’t sure how true it is, but what we heard is that there is no joker in Joker. The disgruntled source who told us about it went on to explain that “In all probability, the joke is on you, dear audience. After the classic dud Tees Maar Khan, Kunder wants to show the viewers that it can get worse.” We were further informed that Joker is a rehash of films like Ashutosh Gowariker’s Swades, Rakesh Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya, Anees Bazmee’s Singh Is Kinng and a few more, all thrown into the filmi pot, stirred around and dished up with the requisite dash of masala and naach-gaana. The details that we heard made us shudder and we would rather save you the horror…for now. Let us just tell you that Akshay Kumar plays a NASA scientist (Swades) who is developing equipment to communicate with aliens (Koi Mil Gaya). His father fakes a heart attack to bring him back to his country (Dil Bole Hadippa, perhaps?), which is supposed to be a no man’s land populated by mentally challenged people who are totally disconnected from the world. If you haven’t passed out yet, here is more – Akki takes on the responsibility of bringing the limelight to his town which is called, hold your breath – Paagalpur. How’s that for creative thinking! If you are wondering what Sonakshi Sinha is doing in this film, we have gupshup on that one too; we hear that she is playing the scientist’s wife and doesn’t really have much to do. But there is an item number, you will know that if you have been reading this site! As we don’t want to baffle you any further and we are also hoping like mad that this is all a bunch of lies and fairy stories, we wish Shirish and his team all the best. You know what we mean, jaaneman?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Tamana

    It’s really ridiculous how you can criticize a film which is still being filmed..don’t know why people are so hard towards Akshay’s films

    • bhupinder

      u r absolutely correct

  • Anamika

    Yes tamana, i completely agree with you… it all seems like a conspiracy to sabotage the film.

  • Rocky

    HeHe…. Yeh article kisne likha ?

  • Jasmeet

    The source who claims to have read the script needs a mental treatment! :)

    • eesha

      well said

  • player

    haha wtf rubbish is this …seems lyk some hatrez strt buring before films completed

    ghosbumpssssss for hatrez kya

    joker gonna rok Jaa-e-mann

    btw even this website looks fake

  • sourav

    get a life haters
    insecure people always hates others
    this is not going to affect akshay and shirish

  • Kamal

    Rumors! ugh!
    It’s funny that you wrote this.
    i think this is the most dumbest thing ever! This article doesn’t even seem real. This is fake…look at the website it self…buy a UFO!!!
    Lol to the article i must say :P

  • Nana

    I will not hold my breath for this movie directed by Shirish Kunder. His script or non script for Tees Maa Khan was a disaster so I do not expect much from this new venture either. Lets wait and see

  • jitu

    bhoshdi ke tere baap ne jake script padhi thi….

  • Ankur sharma

    Wat the hell,,,,,,this movie will rock the bo,,,,,,as akki prove himself by giving 2 100 cr movies housefull 2 and rowdy rathore ,,,,,akki is back wid the bang