Legal notice against Priyanka Chopra’s film!

The Mary Kom actor is embroiled in a controversy. Read on to find out more…

Priyanka Chopra seems to have fallen in legal trouble. Why, you ask? Well the story goes something like this. Apparently PeeCee was set to play the role of Indian writer and poet Amrita Pritam in Sahir Ludhianvi’s biopic, which will be directed by Jasmeet Reen and produced by Ashi Dua. However, Aman Kwatra, who is the grandson of Pritam has now filed a legal notice against the makers of biopic alleging that they are making the film without the permission.

Last year, in May, Ashi, who is the founder of production company – Flying Unicorn Entertainment, and Jasmeet had called Aman to seek the rights of Amrita Pritam’s autobiography for making a feature film on her life. Jasmeet persistently requested for a meeting to discuss the project and promised not to pursue the matter further if the family would still have objections. Accepting their word, Aman agreed to meet them in Mumbai in September, along with his sister Shilpi Kwatra. After two meetings the family clearly informed Reen and Dua that they were not willing to give permission for the purpose as they did not wish to glamorize and/or fictionalize her life in a commercial feature film venture. The family clearly expressed their unwillingness to give permission for the proposed film.

In November 2013, the family sent legal notices the producer and director, asking them not to proceed with the proposed project as it was hurting the sentiments of the family and was also a violation of the copyrights to her autobiography that remain with the family. Neither of the two responded, although for a while the news reports stopped. The family, thus falsely assumed that Jasmeet and Asha had accepted their view and therefore did not feel the need to pursue the matter further.

However recently in July 2014, newspaper articles started surfacing again claiming that Ashi has approached Irfan Khan and Priyanka Chopra for the said roles of Sahir Ludhiyanvi and Amrita Pritam respectively and is proceeding ahead with a film on their relationship. The newspaper reports also claimed that Irfan has accepted the role, though there wasn’t any comment from Ashi on the same.

Post these reports, Aman had no choice but to take legal action against the makers. “During her lifetime, my grandmother herself did not want any commercial feature film to be made on her life and thus she had consistently declined to give the film rights of her autobiography to anyone. It is extremely disheartening to see that producer Ashi Dua has completely disregarded these shared feelings of her living family. Additionally, since such an unauthorized film would blatantly violate the copyrights to her autobiography, the family has been left with no choice but to take legal actions,” says Aman.

Amrita’s family has now sent further notices to Ashi and Jasmeet, and are now moving to file a legal case.