Lekar Hum Deewana Dil song Khalifa: AR Rahman fails to create magic for debutant Armaan Jain!

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil song Khalifa: AR Rahman fails to create magic for debutant Armaan Jain!

AR Rahman’s latest rendition Khalifa for Arif Ali’s Lekar Hum Deewana Dil sounds monotonous and mediocre. Is Rahman losing his touch? Read on to find out…

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil featuring debutante Armaan Jain and newcomer Deeksha Seth released the music video of it’s latest song Khalifa. When we heard that Rahman is composing for this film we couldn’t contain our excitement, but Khalifa dragged our excitement into a pit of disappointment. The song reminded us a little of Yuva’s Honay do dil ko fanaa, failed to charm our hearts like Rahman’s previous hits. Perhaps, Rahman lacked inspiration while composing this one. Instead of making us groove, Khalifa bored us a bit. Even the signature step of the song wasn’t interesting.

The video is same old same old; lots of neon, pool party set- up, dangerous biking stunts being performed in front of huge halogen lights, people having fun in party hats *yawn* It doesn’t have originality because we have seen it already in I Hate Luv Storys and Student of The Year.

Listen in to the new Lekar Hum Deewana Dil song Khalifa and tell us is this is a rocking party number or not?

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  • amused reader

    Hey reporter, I’m sure if u see taj mahal u’ll say its the worst construction, tell me few songs you have liked in recent past…yo yo Singh is ur fav rite ??

    • TheOriginal AR RAHMAN lover

      There was a time when Rahmans songs were in the top of the list of songs of the year…his songs used to top the charts.. but now its taken by other composers!.. he is like the retired King! Of late I like the songs of Aashiqui 2, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Murder 3, and some songs of Dhoom 3. Of late I like the song Gallian(Ek Villian).. he has to improve wt so ever!

      • Rahmaniac4ever

        Muder 3 and Dhoom 3? :o :o are u really crazy?? Have u heard the tracks produced by ARR in his previous hindi venture Raanjhanaa????

      • Rahmanism

        Guess you have never heard kadal film’s songs – his recent chart buster

  • nams

    Song is good, but armaan Jain has no magic :( . Disappointing

    • TheOrginal AR RAHMAN lover

      Oh c’mon. Ranbir had to do a Wake Up Sid to prove he is talented, Deepika had to do a Cocktail to prove her prowess, so give him the time.. he sure has a future although he looks like Saqib Saleem somewre

  • nams

    Choreography and music composition are two entirely different things. Clearly someone hired an idiot

  • TheOriginal AR RAHMAN lover

    I cant believe that this is AR Rahman.. the man who made the music for Saathiya, Rangeela, Dil se, Jodha Akbar and not to forget ROJA!… damn! he needs a break!

    • Rahmaniac4ever

      You need a break.. Consult a doc.. Check your ears.. !!!!! Dhoom 3 n Murder 3 above Raanjhana…!! Pathetic..! _/_

  • Rahmanism

    The first week always goes this way and it takes the other way from the next week. It takes time to trip around his music. Never judge his music by listening just once.Most of his great works fall under this category!!

  • Appa Rao

    It is really funny how people who don’t know anything about composing music are quick to write articles like this about AR Rahman. ‘Khaleefa’ is a new style, it grows with a few listens and is actually quite good. Even ‘Pappu Can’t Dance’ sounded terrible in the beginning, but look how it sounds now.

    If we hear the masterful score of ‘Million Dollar Arm,’ we will know what AR Rahman really is. But then again, we will always have those who don’t know how to throw a cricket ball and end up criticizing professional players.

    Most people can’t tell the difference between class and mass these days, sorry state for talented people it is.

    • krishhna

      true that!!

    • nri78

      It’s people like you who are tone deaf don’t understand that his music sounded much better before yuvraaj and slum dog. People like you don’t deserve to be called his fans as you are supporting his mediocrity which in turn could make him churn more such mediocre stuff. Mind you I am not saying anything against his compositions, it’s just the way his music sounds now.

  • Alif Jordan

    get a life dude!!! because of you such reporters there are names like Yo yo falltu singh….please listen to HIGHWAY…it will surely help you in understanding MUSIC..

  • ss

    mister reporter you have said that in your comments again like , some years before when people is to say that Rahman has lost his charm but after that , Slumdog millionare comes Jodha Akbar comes and many more albums people still listening that , so … If you have said now u’ll see whats comming soon , and one more thing Rahman sir choses his film for scripts , story , he create a music for which suitable for film genre, not for disco chart busters, he take a time , think to do better , not like composing a song in a minutes which have no words only 1.5 to 2.00 minute long

  • ss

    a great indian composer naushad shab had said that todays film music needs time to think to write soul full lyrics , the AR RAHMAN sir is trying to do the same , but people like whom is to think in that way not gono understand Rahman sirs music

  • ss

    AND one more think dude , did you have listen the backround score , the epic creation of rahman sir’ s classical music in the film jodha akbar , when akbar
    goes to amer for to say sorry to jodha when he starts entering the fort of amer dude just listen that music its like life starts breathing , i am dam sure everyone will agrees with me , see the film again experience it

  • Arun

    Khalifa is too good!!!! peppy number..infact all the songs are good in this album..refreshing!!! thumbs down for this article