Leonardo DiCaprio to visit India soon!

The legendary Hollywood actor will soon visit Mumbai, not only to promote his upcoming film but also to interact with the young entrepreneurs of India…

After having made news three years ago for being in talks to visit India for a project on Tiger conservation, Leonardo DiCaprio was in news earlier this year with rumors doing the rounds that the actor was to visit India for promotions of The Great Gatsby. Not surprisingly, Leonardo who is widely appreciated in India has re-looked once again to visit India soon. He recently said in a press statement, “I plan to visit India soon” just before the release date of his next, The Wolf of Wall Street was delayed by over a month.

Now scheduled to release on December 25 (Christmas), the film follows the real life incident of Stelfort, a famous uprise and fall of a wall street stock broker who used fraudulent methods to rise to the top. While many would assume, that Leo might visit for his film promotions. It’s actually a different strategy altogether.

While the film releases in India on December 25, Leo will only visit India, in the first week of January. This move comes in with a purpose to get Leonardo to meet the nations most promising entrepreneurs. Leo who sincerely believes that the character on who’s life the film is based is a huge role model for the youth of today in terms of enterprising skills.

Leo has learnt that India is a country booming with young firms and startups and hence, felt more than an obvious promotion of the movie, a platform to interact with such a young crowd of young enthusiasts would be a far better connect and a great opportunity. Now all one can hope is that all works well as we hear that the distributors,of the film in India have already started to make backend arrangements for a likely visit from Leonardo DiCaprio.