LIFE OF PI theatrical trailer: Why is Irrfan missing?

LIFE OF PI theatrical trailer: Why is Irrfan missing?

The first trailer of The Brokeback Mountain director’s next film is out, and we are impressed!

It is always tough to convert a novel into a movie, more so when the book talks of hard truths of life. But Ang Lee, it seems, might just have managed to pull off the impossible with his film Life of Pi, adapted from Yann Martel’s novel of the same name. The first promo of his film Life of Pi is out and we loved it – even though it does not feature our fave crossover B-towner, Irrfan. We’ve been excited about the movie ever since two Indians – Irrfan and newbie actor Suraj Sharma – were signed on for it. While Suraj features prominently in the trailer, Irrfan is conspicuously absent. Despite that, we still liked the promo because it is surreal, imaginative and visually stunning. The magic realism of the book is going to be enhanced in the film, we are sure. Do you agree?

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  • Adil Hussain

    Madame, Me also featuress in the movie with Tabu. Why don’t you name us ?

  • Ayenl

    Martim Vicente Carrello disse:O Diretor Ang Lee e9 conhecido por sua silnegeza, pungeancia narrativa e belas imagens para contar suas histf3rias. Tore7o para que A Vida de Pi siga esta trilha te3o bacana. Trailer muito bem fotografado e a ope7e3o por ne3o ter die1logos e9 bem interessante tambe9m.