Li’l Champ Salman Ali: Tender eyes, big dreams!

Salman Ali, the 13 years old Li’l Champ from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, like every other child of his age, likes to play football and cricket besides his passion for singing. But the lines that he utters in the interview reflect the thoughts of a mature, responsible son of a family. He says, “After I go back home from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, first of all I want to repair my house which is not in a very good condition. I want to meet my mom-dad, my friends and party with them. This show has given me a lot.”

While talking to him, one can’t miss the modesty in his speech. The simple, down to earth boy that he is, nevertheless he does not fail to admit that he love to hog on burgers. He would prefer a burger anytime over bland dal-rice. Says, “Sabki apni apni pasand hoti hai. Humein to burger pasand hai.”

The talented singer that we’ve seen in him over the season, idolizes Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Master Salim. Kailash Kher is his favourite judge on the show. “I like the way he sings. Apart from singing, he also teaches a lot of other good things,” he says.

Talking about the show he says, “One thing that I like about Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is that it serves as a platform for talented singers and gives an opportunity to people like us. Also after coming here, I got to personally meet and interact with those heroes and singers whom I’ve been always watching only on television.”

Recollecting his most memorable performance on the show he adds, “‘Aj hona deedar mahi da’, I feel, was the best so far. I received good comments for the song. After going back home, I am surely going to miss all this-the stage, the bungalow where we stay, the judges and of course my friends here.”

Well, if you leave, it’s we, the audience, who’re gonna miss you more Salman. Aren’t we right?

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