Link-up with Anushka Sharma upsets Shahid Kapoor

The actor got supremely agitated when a journo from a daily tabloid published a sleazy article about him and co-star Anushka Sharma

About a month ago, Sasha and Anushka were spotted partying together. Imran Khan, who had thrown a bash to celebrate the success of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Delhi Belly had invited some of the well known names from B-town, including the two of them. Apparently, the two got pretty cosy at the soiree and when the media smelt something fishy; they cleverly escaped the site and acted as if nothing had happened. Now this age-old news recently was revived by a reporter, who infused it with all the sleaze and spice possible. That, of course raised Sasha’s hackles and the usually calm and composed actor got quite furious with the kind of derogatory language used for the two of them. “If nothing else, they need to respect the dignity of a girl. I usually don’t react to any of these stories but this was a bit too much,” he wrote on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. The Mausam actor has been linked to a bevy of beauties in the past and we have always seen him take the diplomatic route. Currently his association with Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu is being put under the scanner every other day, but he usually avoids this kind of hogwash. We also remember Shahid keeping mum,when an MMS clip featuring him and ex-girlfriend Kareena kissing each other in public was circulating everywhere. We haven’t seen the actor react this strongly before. Well we think Sasha should soon join anger management classes or else the stress will affect him and his choice of movies (Remember Mausam). Now please spare us that horror!

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