Lisa Haydon’s shy about boyfriend Karan Bhojwani

The Rascals actor goes pink in the face when asked about dating Karan, the son of socialites Devieka and Suresh Bhojwani

Lisa Haydon and Karan Bhojwani (son of socialite Devieka Bhojwani and Suresh Bhojwani) have been spotted together umpteen times at various events and on personal outings. Yet the sultry actor has never really admitted to her relationship with Karan in public. But reports linking the model-actor to Karan have put her in a fix. When we questioned her about what’s brewing, the supermodel went all shy and giggled. “I don’t know what to say. I’m so new to all this speculation. I really don’t know what stance to take,” she says. Ask her what she thinks about his parents enquiring about her to David Dhawan and she blushes. “It’s really sweet to know that they asked him about how I’m doing in the film.” Yet the sultry actor is slightly uncomfortable discussing her relationship in the media. “I think it alright to speak about a relationship when you decide to get married. At this point, speaking about it to the media puts a lot of pressure on the relationship. There are a lot of other people like parents and friends involved too, so it makes it all the more difficult. There are also lots of expectations attached to this and you have to think about everybody when you speak about it to the media,” she clarifies. According to the grapevine, the couple met through common friends at a party almost two years ago and have been seeing each other for over a year. Let’s welcome this young new shy couple to B-town!

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