Lisa Ray, what are you doing?

We doubt if the new timings will do her show Oh My Gold any good

We love Lisa Ray. We admire the way she fought a tough battle with cancer and has bounced back after the ordeal. When we heard she was going to host Oh My Gold on TLC, we were eager to watch the show. And we did, night after night, till one day it just stopped. Oh, were we glad! Then we realised its timings have changed. Instead of every night, it will now air only on Sunday nights. Finally, we have a legitimate excuse, I mean reason, to skip the show. You see, by the time Sunday night comes around, we conveniently forget! Because one month of watching the show had us asking just one question – ‘Lisa, what are you doing?’ We agree the jewellery showcased is really awesome and anyone can lose their head looking at all those lovely pieces, but Lisa is just too over the top. Just because looking at all that jewellery makes you feel like a kid in a candy store, doesn’t mean you have to behave like one! All that squealing and jumping around is funny, but it just doesn’t gel with the rest of the show. Maybe if the entire show was deliberately designed that way, it would have worked. But when everyone else on the show is staid, Lisa, with her hilarity, seems out of place. Our advice? Watch the show only if you are a die-hard jewellery lover.

Oh My Gold airs every Sunday at 8pm on TLC