London International Filmmaker Festival 2013: Bala’s Paradesi nominated for major awards

Wed, August 14, 2013 7:00pm IST by
Paradesi nominated at LIFF

The National Award-winning Tamil film, titled The Vagabond in English, is a fave at the festival

Critically acclaimed Tamil period-drama Paradesi has been nominated for eight awards, including best film, at the London International Filmmaker Festival (LIFF) 2013. LIFF is scheduled to take place between October 12 and 18 in Ealing, London. The English title of Paradesi, directed by Bala Pazhanisaamy, is The Vagabond.

Paradesi is nominated for Best Film, Best Foreign Language Feature Film, Best Director of a Foreign Film and Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film. It is also nominated for Best Music (GV Prakash Kumar), Best Cinematography (R Chezhiyan) and Best Lead Actor (Atharva Murali) and Best Costume (Poornima Ramaswamy).

Set in the pre-Independence era, Paradesi, based on the book Red Tea by Paul Harris, is the story about the plight of tea plantation workers in south India. Released earlier this year, the film featured Atharva Murali, Vedhika Kumar and Dhansika in lead roles.

At the 60th National Film Awards, Paradesi won an award for Best Costume Design for Poornima Ramaswamy.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Arulkumar

    Bala is one of the best director in Indian Cinema….The Great…

  • Rammurugesh

    Bala…i always knew it which is not vry far to the ace filmmaker..i’m not at all surprised..i’m dam sure that he will get it..i was blessed to see this film on the first day first show..just after seeing it i wanted to die in the hands of bala…a paradesi turned paradesi..what a filmmaking..nobody nobody expect bala could make it in such a way..a gentle genius paradesi bala pazhanisaamy….!!!!!

  • Vasu

    I watched movie 3 times. Only the bala prooved that, best mve’s that we can watch with out any makeup to actors. From pithamagan to paradesi he didn’t changed his style of making film. But only this movie dissatisfied me in the part of crying, i didn’t cry in paradesi, i hope in the next movie he’ll make of cry. Please add more centimet bala sir,