Look who gave Shahid a hard time on the sets of ‘Mausam’

Contrary to rumours, it wasn’t co-star Sonam Kapoor who gave Shahid a tough time. It was dad Pankaj Kapur who made him sweat it out!

Father Pankaj Kapur did not mete out any special treatment to son Shahid Kapoor while shooting for his first directorial venture, Mausam. In fact, for the first four days, Kapur senior made Shahid hang around on the sets, waiting for his turn to give a shot. Shahid would come in first thing in the morning, even before the rest of the cast and crew, all ready to do his thing, but daddy-dear preferred to shoot with Sonam instead, taking the whole day. “He would come in at about eight in morning and hang around till about 6:30 in the evening, when finally he would get a chance to give his shot,” revealed Sonam in a recent interview. And Shahid would be in character, wearing his pilot uniform and Top Gun sunglasses and mooch around on the sets the whole time, hoping to be called for his part under the arclights.

Interestingly, in an industry where the dates of a male star are sacrosanct, director Kapur had to plan the shoot according to Sonam’s availability. Shahid had not signed any other movie and had kept a whole one and a half year free so that he could focus on his father’s film. Sonam, on the other hand, was working on two other films at the same and so Shahid had to shoot whenever Sonam was available! The story also goes that Shahid had to coax his father into giving him some interesting scenes, as he felt Kapur was concentrating way too much on Sonam. Reacting to how he had to sweat it out on the sets of the film, Shahid said in a recent interview, “A father is a father, and father is always right! Actually, I was just being another member of the crew. I even held a thermocol for Sonam!”