LOVE 2 HATE U: Arjun Rampal plays cool; Madhur Bhandarkar gets defensive

In his new show, RA.One manages to convert one hater, but his Heroine director doesn’t manage to do the same

The new television show, Love 2 Hate U is one of its kind and will certainly get a lot of viewers for the channel. The format is unique – the makers find the biggest anti-fan a Bollywood celeb can have and put him or her face to face with that celeb. It’s a star’s worst nightmare, and the hater’s biggest opportunity. The first two celebs on the show were Arjun Rampal (who is also the host) and director Madhur Bhandarkar. Arjun confronted his hater Farhan by first intimidating him, then irking him by taking potshots at his sense of humour and finally by buying him a drink. Rampal played the ‘Mr Cool’ card well and ended up converting the hater into almost a gushing fanboy. Bhandarkar, on the other hand, tried too hard to convince his hater and didn’t get anywhere. The girl who hated him had very pointed views about Bhandarkar’s formula of filmmaking. While she did agree that a few of his earlier films were good, ever since he discovered his formula of ‘realistic’ film making it has been a downward spiral, she insisted. Bhandarkar tried to convince her otherwise by giving her some insight into the struggle he goes through for every film, but the hater couldn’t care less. While we aren’t taking sides here we must comment that the show is nicely presented and is fun to watch and we will do so…for a while at least. We found this interesting reaction to it all – “Either celeb or the hater should die or at least sustain severe injuries #Love2HateU.” And what do you think about this new show?