LOVE YOU TO DEATH trailer: Chandan Roy Sanyal in a Hinglish comedy

An unusual couple, a weird mother-in-law, a dog who plays an integral role; Love You to Death looks nothing less than a roller coaster ride

Love You to Death director Rafeeq Ellias very modestly mentions at the start of the promo that he can’t afford the Khans and the Kapoors despite loving them to death. Substituting the big stars with humble actors like Chandan Roy Sanyal, Yuki Ellias, Suhasini Mulay, Sheeba Chaddha and Nicolas Brown (of Kites fame), photographer Ellias tries his hand at making a feature film for the first time. Looks like a decent attempt, but we doubt if it will really live up to the label of an outrageous comedy that it claims to be. All the chaos and the clamour brewing up amongst the characters look interesting. LYTD releases on February 3, and we wait to see if this small-budget film with strong actors has the potential to keep the audience hooked on to the screen.