Luv Sinha trying to make an action-packed re-entry into films

Sonakshi Sinha’s brother dearest is taking stunt training workshops in Hong Kong

Luv Sinha is awaiting his next film which seems to be an action-packed movie, after all he is taking stunt training workshops. Luv Sinha is trying his best to make sure that his return to the big screen stuns with some awe-inspiring stunts! The actor recently took a stunt training workshop in Hong Kong, and says the experience was amazing. 

Luv made his Bollywood debut with Sadiyaan: Boundaries Divide… Love Unites in 2010. Now he will be seen in a film to be helmed by Umesh Shukla. He is said to be going out of his way to ensure that from the script to the stunts – every aspect of the movie is well etched-out. That’s why he made a 14-day trip to Hong Kong last month and returned to Mumbai in time to ring in the New Year, said a source.

For Luv, it was an enriching experience. “Hong Kong is a city of action. Everyone is on the move and there is a lot of energy in the air. I was happy to be in a city where some of my favourite movies and actors are from. The opportunity to train there in the action and stunt workshops has been an amazing experience,” Luv said in a statement. “Their stunts, the action techniques are very different and that makes it an enriching experienceto learn all I couldduring my time there,” he added.

Luv’s role in the new film is said to require a great amount of intensity and action. Hopefully, the workshop works in his favour as he already seems to be beefed up to suit his character in the film.