Mad in India rating dips further, while Comedy Nights With Kapil rises

Mad in India rating dips further, while Comedy Nights With Kapil rises

This week’s TAM ratings are out and many shows have gone down in the rat race

Sunil Grover’s Mad in India 100% Desi show is suffering big time and ranking rather low in numbers. The makers tried to up their game by calling in Bollywood celebrities, extending Chutki’s portions and introducing Sunil Grover in yet another avatar. But seems like, nothing is working in their favour. All their efforts still manage to get them a rating of only 1.8 TRPs this week. Incidentally, it was at 2.8 last week.

The numbers have gone down drastically and we wouldn’t be surprised if the channel decides to pull the plug. With recent updates of Manish Paul also quitting the show, we are sure that the TRPs will dip further. On the other hand, Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights with Kapil (CNWK) has done extremely well this week. Last time CNWK got 7.8 rating and this week they’ve pushed their number to an 8.2.

Now isn’t that a stellar growth and phenomenal improvement. We’ve reached a stage where we can no longer compare the two shows, ‘coz the competition is just unfair. While we don’t deny that both the comedians are par excellence, the success of CNWK just goes to establish who has the better show. Don’t you agree BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Lakshmi

    Oh please, don’t say Grover is at par with Kapil. Kapil is supremely talented, and his talent is one dimensional. Where was Sunil Grover before comedy nights with Kapil? I was watching various comedy shows last two years like comedy circus. Sunil Grover was no way in the horizon. It so happened that there was one character Gutthi on CNWK — Sunil thought that he can go solo. The good news is CNWK doesn’t need a Guthi — because they have a dady, a bua, a wife and Raju and many others that walk in like Roshni, Srivastav. The show is funny and hilarious sometimes, also over the top some other times.But still good fun.

    • Neeraj

      Miss Lakshami you are mistaken Sunil has been the part of the leauge since ages just check out the top anchors’ list various awards functions for bollywood even he has his boots inside bollywood with the movies like Ghajini and Zila Ghaziabad. Also he’s a well known voice artist his legendary character Sudarshan is a hit, but am unsure if you are aware of all this.

    • diya

      very true, actually sunil has been around in the industry much before kapil, and did some shows but they were never successful and he did some blink-and-miss roles in some movies, but his real popularity came with his portrayal of gutthi in CNWK. His talent as a comedian is nowhere close to kapil…..thats why he never did well on his own.

  • kripa

    Grover first tasted success with CNWK and he was foolish enough to throw it all away because of his ego……the dipping TRPs should come as a reality check that he is and will be NOTHING without Kapil…….CNWK doesn’t need Sunil(gutthi) to survive, but it seems Sunil definitely needed CNWK to survive.

    • aspatdisqus

      This proves copy-paste doesn’t work. Original is Original. :)

  • vaishnavi kashyap

    you all are right at your view of point. but it is really difficult to make people laugh.