Mad in India TV review: Sunil Grover disappoints, Manish Paul saves the show

Mad in India TV review: Sunil Grover disappoints, Manish Paul saves the show

People have a lot of expectation from Gutthi aka Chutki aka Sunil Grover’s comic show on Star Plus, but did the comedian deliver… not nearly enough!

Mad in India 100% Desi Show, which began on February 16, commenced with much fanfare as promised. The show claimed that it would be different and will not concentrate on just Bollywood. Now that’s interesting, we thought, but apparently it was just a ploy.

The show started off with Manish Paul’s grand filmi entry and we loved it. He looked dishy and his comic punches were simply perfect. He welcomed everyone with his one-liners, selected judges and then called in the guest. This was Sunil Grover’s entry as a politician. What continued was a one on one with Sunil in the skin of a corrupt politician. While the questions were more or less decent it was the retorts that left us rather cheated.

Sunil’s reputation precedes him, so does his comic work then what went wrong here? Can Mr Grover joke only when he is dressed as woman? Well then I think the channel may have a big problem. His jokes were dead, not laughter inducing and some just left you wondering ‘why the hell am I even watching this show’.

Gladly that didn’t take very long and Manish introduced his first guest on the show, Baba Ramdev. Frankly, that seemed to be the only entertaining part of the entire show. Although Manish responded to all of Baba’s queries with some quips from the movies – of course that was the intention we assume – he was entertaining. We saw a side of the yoga guru (not literally) that usually doesn’t come in the forefront very often.

Why is Sunil Grover refusing to talk about Comedy Nights with Kapil?

With Siddharth Jadhav’s entry the show picked up pace followed by Chutki (Sunil Grover). She started with a good punch and the rest failed to reach target. The rest of the cast was introduced in the most depressing manner. We missed Shweta Tiwari in the first episode. Wonder why the babe was not present for the opening act. We were forced to remember Gutthi from Comedy Nights with Kapil, which was way more entertaining and made you roll on the floor laughing. Mad in India lacked the madness, zing, punch, tadka and the desi effect.

While we are extremely disappointed, we hope the show picks up pace soon. The makers promised to not get too filmi, yet their next episode has Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. Guess Bollywood may just save the show from the trenches.

All in all, Manish Paul did a decent job, while the rest including Sunil did not manage to induce any laughter.

Rating: 2 out of 52 Star Rating

Reviewed by Letty Mariam Abraham

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent


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  • soni

    could not agree more. Manish was the only saving grace.

  • Amrinder

    Boring.. Manish paul is overratided comedian.. He can be good actor but nor comedian. Sunil grover was nothing bfore CNWK.. Show was no way near to CNWK….

    • sandy

      why the fk do you get gealious, do u really watch any of the comedy shows… I don’t think so…. if you dont know who is sunil grover better know him first…. and ha kapil sharma was nothing before comedy circus in Sony channel..////

      • Amrinder

        Why r u getting angry. Better ask ur friend sunil to make a good comedy show. Take a chill pill and watch ur C grade show mad in india.

    • Farhana Khan

      I like Manish Paul…but am just not liking him in MII. Sunil was good in CNWK…now he’s just intolerable! And yeah…u r right….this show MII is no way even close to CNWK standards!

  • Karan

    People are being unfair and harsh on Sunil and MII due to some obvious reasons. Its clear than Kapil fans have not taken it seriously since Sunil left CNWK, let me remind you Kapil was underpaying him, that’s why he left it.

    Now, coming to the point, it may not have been as entertaining as some of previous CNWK shows, but CNWK hasn’t been interesting in a long time either. It has got stale, mostly Bua and Dadi’s characters. So before pointing fingers on MII, make sure CNWK is more entertaining. You can’t deny the fact Sunil was a big asset to CNWK, only second to Kapil himself, and it hasn’t been the same since Sunil (Gutthi) who was hugely popular left the show.

    To be fair, MII started on slow note, but it picked up pace for rest of 45 minutes. Apart from Sunil as politician, everything about it was good. It was just one episode, give it a chance, have patience.

    • Farhana Khan

      Sunil was very good in CNWK…no doubt abt that. But I would disagree if you say that CNWK is not popular since when Sunil left. CMWK is still doing as good as it was earlier. Bua and Dadi still continue to entertain us like earlier.
      MII on the other hand is utterly intolerable! I tried watching the show twice and turned off as soon as Manish’s segment was done. Manish is good otherwise, but not liking him as much in MII. And Sunil….uff….he’s so pathetic!!
      As of now, CNWK is a hands-down winner….and MII doesnt even stand a chance to be compared to CNWK. It’s been 3 shows now since MII started and none have impressed me so far. Sunil is by far, the worst performer on MII….just cannot stand that guy!
      Undoubtedly CNWK and even Comedy Circus is way way way ahead of this stupid MII!

      • Karan

        LOL typical Kapil’s fanboy.

        • Praneet Kumar

          Oh dear, all those saying ‘Sunil Grover is a better comedian than Kapil Sharma’, u need some treatment. Sunil’s entire dialouges are scripted and he just has to memorize and repeat them on the stage. And not forgetting the fact that the dialouges too are not written by him, but by the show’s writers. Whereas everything Kapil does is on the spot. His comic timing is just impeccable. Go and ask Sunil Grover if he has the balls to interview the audience when they ask questions from the celebrity.

          • Karan

            LOL duffer.

  • Bhaijaan

    A cheap and stale show and execution by Manish, Sunil and others, Not worth to watch even for free. Grow up Letty this show doesn’t even deserve an Average rating, shows your taste, I believe this show will windup in a couple of weeks.

  • DK

    Just because CNWK is not entertaining, no one is going to watch even worse show. This is not a competetion. If something is interesting people will watch if not then people will reject, no matter it is from Kapil or Sunil or even Amitabh Bacchan.

  • Sasha

    manish paul show- I am not a fan of manish paul- Wish Sunil grover takes over..

    • Farhana Khan

      If Sunil takes over from whatever Manish is doing, they might as well wrap up the show…..because Manish is way better than Sunil and those who are watching little bit of MII are watching just because of Manish’s segments in the show

  • vaishnavi

    i agree all these comments but also want to say that doing comedy is no easy. everytime getting something new, its a difficult task. if people will enjoy mii it will rock best of luck to sunil, manish and their cast and crew. also all the best to CNWK and hope comedy circus continues…………

  • vaibhav

    comedy ki to band baj gayi hai. is show par sab kuch vulgar ho gaya hai. maine woh episode dekha tha jab harbajan ji aye the. tab bahut kuch hua!!!!!!!!!!!! CNWK main bhi kayi baar gadbad hoti hai. artists logo ko scripts dekhna chahiye aur phir soch kar bolna chahiye.

  • Akshaay J Pathaania

    Dear Sunil
    It may be delayed to suggest or give you right feedback about your show. but nevertheless its never late to do something good. First of all I want to tell you that you have hidden your versatile character and talent by enforcing mainly on Chhutki character. You are such a versatile actor that you shouldnt limit yourself only up to Chhutaki only. you should be in the same once in while so that people should wait for the same. It has become generalized.
    Secondly you must have hosted your show by your own and own or you could have come with different characters every time for which you are capable of. We seen you in CWK like chacter of Jin, and Jagaran party were fabulous.
    Please restructure your show with necessary changes and best wishes are with you. Love you and your incredible talent which deserves much more.