Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Abhay Kapoor aka Gunjan Utreja’s not so convincing exit from the show!

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Abhay Kapoor aka Gunjan Utreja’s not so convincing exit from the show!

Abhay Kapoor is killed and Raj Kumar has regained his memory, but the show has taken a turn for the worse

In yesterday’s episode of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon we witnessed the bizarre death of Abhay Kapoor (Gunjan Utreja) and saw the new avatar of Raj Kumar (Vivian DSena). The whole episode was a disaster in terms of storyline. Why we say so? You’ll soon find out…

RK comes home from the hospital to claim his wife, Madhu (Drashti Dhami) and to take revenge from Abhay for ill-treating him. He points a gun to Abhay’s forehead, makes him fall on Madhu’s feet, counts all his sins, forces AK to drink alcohol, then finally drags him to the bedroom and hangs him to the fan. All this while, we do not see Abhay react, reciprocate or even retaliate – guess the cat got his tongue or should we say his brains. It was bizarre to see the superstar not fighting for his life, what a contrast to the real Abhay, no? Even after his death, his family reacts like nothing happened, except for a few tears here and there.

The episode ends with Abhay dying hanging from the ceiling, RK claiming that he is Raja and not Raju and Madhu wailing over the fact that her husband is an unabashed killer. So how will the story go ahead from here?

According to what we’ve heard, it will be revealed that Raja actually belongs to a family of goons. While he loves Madhu, he doesn’t respect women. Madhu’s next agenda will be to make Raja a better man in life. Frankly, we are not impressed with the new turn of events on the daily soap and hope the makers simply draw the curtains ‘coz we’ve had enough. What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • kavitha

    In a hurry makers of meiej ended abhays character. Even madhu cried only that her husband raju became a murderer and not even worried for abhay ( abhay whom she had a crush from her childhood and who helped her in all her miserable days in mumbai). in the same hurry the serial should come to an end.

    • Mlie

      Lol why you watch it if you hate the track. Stupid logic coz hate the track but watch it the show. Plz stay away from the show

    • Raziya

      lol Madhu worried for Abhay…for what :/ the torture he had done with her :P one is forcing you …dekhna bhi hai aur bash bhi karna hai…yeh humari HOBBY hai :P

    • ankahi

      even they dont expose how abhay’s step mom and nikhil killed rk and madhu even dont ask her dida abt her marriage she is not interested to know about her parents

  • srk

    Just stay away from the show if you don’t like the story line. There are so many shows on TV. Why should we ask for ending the show. There are so many people’s day to day life depending on the shows. Producers will decide when to pull the show off

    • sanaasr

      I can say the same thing. Just stay away from reading the article if you have a problem! All people have a right to their own. And yes we want the ridiculous show to end so we can see something better at that time, Most of us have subscription to the channel!

  • Aastha

    PLZ Get lost your boring Hero GU is thank god dead.

    Lol actually i think the article writer belongs to a family of jobless-jealous idiots.


    Get a life miss Letty since ur fav.has left the show does not mean the makers should draw the curtain.if u r not interested in the new track then stop writing about it there many other show to write.U never write anything good about Madhubala always write negative about Vivian .what the hell is ur problem.Ur Fav Gunju can’t act as if he was not interested to shoot he always give that dead pan expression.Just like u said its enough .I am also repeating the same line to you its enough stop writing negative article about Madhubala.

    • sanaasr

      Gunjan can act better than VD and his track had better TRPs too. Get your facts right before you attack someone! You cannot tell a writer to stop writing! This is a free world and she can write what she wants!

  • Reina Evergard

    if the death scene lacked something….it was Gunjan Utreja’s acting….I have never seen such pathetic acting for a death scene from the person about to die…..totally unprofessional behaviour simply cuz that was his last shot in the show…….rest of the cast were spectacular…….and no one asked whether u r impressed or not…..leave it to us, the audience to judge that :P

  • Kushi

    miss Letty go and fly to India, your Hero is jobless and Single,go and start a new life with him. And plz stay away from the show!

    • sanaasr

      Why dont you stay away from the article if you dont like it? The hero has a good career and doing extremely well! You need not worry!

  • Anjana DS

    The worst episode… show can stoop this much, congratz to CVs n PHs of MBEIEJ..I thnk for al those its high time to search other field fr existence :-/….

    • Manu

      you should search another show & let us enjoy MB

  • Hulela

    O again Bollywood Life write against Madhubala and Vivian Dsena.If you don’t like why you coment what happen in our favourite daily soap.You hate Vivian what we can see in yours previous articles.In two episodes we could see different beetween Vivian’s acting and Gunjan’s acting.Vivian was spectacular as always, Gunjan was pathetic and boring.Only CVR makers know what will happened next not you.So, just stop war against Madhubala and Vivian.Tonight episode was fantastic.

    • sanaasr

      People have the right to their opinion! If the show sucks we will say it sucks. We need another good show in that time slot! This ridiculous show must end. Gunjan was good and his track had better TRPs than the current nonsense track.

      • Hulela

        Yes that’s wright.Everyone should have your opinion.My opinion: Drashti and Vivian had TRP 4,5 (9).When Vivian left TRP was 2,5.Utreja had 1,8.When one actor left the show which character was soul and best thing in the same then producers should find another similar or half good as actor who has gone bur GU wasn’t good enough to replace such briliant actor as Vivian and to be good and strong oposite Drashti like her co-actors before.Story with Gunjan was same lke Madhubala on the begining.RK superstar-AK superstar,RK revenge-AK revenge repeat and repeat.Curently show is different from MB 1 and that is good.If you don’t like then change the chanel and don’t coment show who has loyal viewers and fans.Watch something anothwr on tv in that time.Left us people who love your show to watch and judge about same.

  • Meera

    Errmmmm….did you watch the same show we all did??? The episode was completely awesome. The only weak link was Gunjan, who apparently was completely disinterested in the way his character met a timely and unlamented end.The show now looks interesting and a lot of fun with all the twists.

  • salam

    omg so worst dar by day this show suck rk krk and rk again no logic husband father and now father in law exactly same face disgusting its failed now and they have to end this show here bechara ak is going to death very easily and madh she is not interested in parents search she obey AK plzz AS closed this show as soon as possible no more hope with madhubala good artical atleast such ka samna to karo

    • Milie

      Lol why you watch it if you hate the track. Stupid logic coz hate the track but watch it the show. Plz stay away from the show and get a life

      • sanaasr

        All people have a right to their opinion! You have no right to tell people what to do and what not to do. May I suggest you stay away from this article and get a life?

    • zoni

      agree thr going crazy cuz they know they have messed up the show and the story line hahah now they donte even care waht thr showing actually watinting for the show to shutt down which it will and thats all becouse of so called rk yakk i dont belive i ever liked vivan hate me to the core

    • ankahi

      i agree with u

    • Hulela

      If you don’t like Why you watch this show and how do you know everything what is happening in same?THIS IS SOAP SOAP -Fiction not real life.


    Ak character from the beging only he was not herohe has to be illian who killed Madhus parents and destroyed her world AK was not Knowing but viewers were knowing so if Vd came it was natural because AK and Madhu are enemy so no love only revenge so when he accepted role he should have ben ready for this but he was in hurry to leave so this has happened it was viewes demand all want VD DD together no question about Raju let him be anybody itsowesome towatch them together serial can go onwith these two as long as possible todays first glimpsof our RK was mind blowing

  • sanaasr

    OMG this is comic LOL Why don’t they shut down the damn show so the viewers can see something better on that slot? Post leap they had a good track with Abhay-Madhu but they destroyed the track even before it started by brining Vivian back! Now the mentally challenged 6 year old guy is a goon! There is a limit to nonsense.

    • zoni

      crapp crapp crapp #shuttmadhobalaasap i mean shutt this crap its unbearable

  • zoni

    what a crap thr showing plzzzzzzzzz shut this crap as soon as possible not watching bt still its existence is unbearable #shuttmadhobalaasap

  • komal

    why are u guys behind madhubala???u always write negative article abt madhubala…..if fans are liking this track then what do you have problem?????

  • Neel Mo

    GU was very unprofessional in his last episode!!, He should have end the episode with pride, which he missed! And the VD haters can discuss the whole episode line by line… howcome? If you hate VD and the show that much, why even bother to watch?

    • sanaasr

      Hello dear, most of us have stopped watching the pathetic show when they decided to turn Gunjan’s character negative. Now that the TRPs dropped and the viewers rejected the ridiculous new track made to accommodate Vivian, we want the TV channel to cancel this shows so we can see something better on that time slot! We are quite simply asking for another show that makes sense! Shut down Madhubala asap!

      Gunjan does not have to give a damn about the PH that back stabbed him! The PH was unprofessional when they promised him something and turned 180 degrees to change his character! He owes them nothing! They cheated Gunjan and his fans.

  • sri choudary

    Totally agree with you. This is not for the first time, when sultan’s exit happened, the same thing was done – suddenly the character of sultan was changed, revenge and then exit. The only difference is that, they have taken some time to do that.This time they have surpassed all the limits and just to satisfy the actor, and his brainless fans they killed the story and also AK.

    • Heenakshi

      How can u like the villains of the show more than the hero????? Thats pathetic…cummon if u dont lyk d shw dont watch it and get a life..

      • sanaasr

        For your kind information – The CVs all of a sudden turn good people into villians! Neither Sultan nor Abhay were villians! Their characters were butchered to satisfy some pathetic VD fans!

        Again she will watch whatever she wants to watch on TV. May I suggest you get a life instead?

        • Hulela

          This is SOAP and vivian’s aren’t pathetic.SOAP is soap and CVMcreate story and show not you.

  • Heenakshi

    What problem do u guys have with Madhubala and Vivian????? I mean u’ve been writing bad abt it since days but now its the height of things….How can u ask d makers to simply draw d curtain to such a good show???ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! IF U HAVE SO MUCH PROBLEMS WITH THE STORYLINE AND THE CHARACTERS AND ACTORS THEN BETTER NOT COMMENT ON IT..COZ WE WON’T TAKE IT ANYMORE….N when Rishbala had died an untimely death, at that tym u guyz said nothing but now when the villain has died u have a problem???? IS THAT EVEN PRACTICAL???? Maybe u have a grudge against Vivian…If yes then so be it but just dont print such pathetic things abt him n Madhubala….

  • m

    i agree with bollywood life. it sounds so unrealisitic. i stopped watching the show once Vivian returned and frankly I am glad. Gunjan and Drashti were so cute and amazing together. whaa stupid way to get rid of such a magical character.

    • Hulela

      If you don’t watch show why you waste your time on coment about same.On indian tv stations we see ecery day bed and crap shows but only Madhubala you can not ignore and that is good.Bad promote is better then no ones.Bed coments are better then no coments so just continue write bed about show and we will enyoj more and more in amazing slizing chemistry and acting beetween Drashti and Vivian.I am really glad that Gunjan dropped out from this show and if he is in USA where every second one talent from different countries come and try to success I don’t believe that he will sucess in Hollywood.First Bollywood then Hollywood.

  • Priya Chand

    what is wrong with you? you personally dont like the show use your remote and change the channel. who are you to say close the show which is enjoyed by many fans! Please stop posting such negative articles! this is NOT GOOD JOURNALISM!! A journalist should get his/her facts right! All of us are loving the way Raja finished off Abhay! Didnt you hear the whistles? Be a professional! Dont bring your personal likes and dislikes into your profession! If you are going to talk about your personal opinion do not use common pronoun like ‘We’. You are neither representing the larger public (which is loving the track) nor are you from royal family! i dont think i should even call this as a journalism. very unprofessional! is this what bollywood life site is! i should never visit this site for any objective news or info,.

  • right

    and by the way gunjan’s acting was not pathetic, it is the way in which the scene was directed. think about what you all are saying. it is okay to be so blinded by your love for vivian but it does not mean you put someone else down for it. that poor guy was promised one thing and given another. gunjan’s acting greatly improved. it takes time and I respect him for the impact he made on many people in such a short space of time. if you cannot praise someone at least don’t criticise them. treat others how you would like to be treated.

  • gunjan fan

    he is not jobless he is a very successful anchor. at the moment he is in the usa doing amazing work. get your facts right

  • mahay

    and by the way that was the key storyline the ph missed. abhay and madhu are supposed to be enemies like romeo and juliet and the magic would have been created had they stayed together. but then the ph decided to ruin everything and bring their friend back. well i’llbe glad when its over. and everyone has a right to comment on the show. you guys get really emotional when some criticises vivian, how about all of the grief you have given to poor Gunjan. how can you judge someone’s acting in such little time- only because you set your mind that you did not want to like him as soon as he entered because of the position he was taking. there should be some element of believability in a soap. and the ph has just crossed that by getting drashti to marry her father lookalike and now placing the story in such a position.

    Finally madhu should have reacted so her acting was also made stupid by the ph as this was the man she had loved. yes he tortured her but that does not make you unreactive when someone is killing her.

    • Hulela

      O God.Romeo and Juliet.Just read book Romeo and Juliet and then you will be happy and watch Gunjan in some another show if he get role.This show was popular only and only because of Vivian and his amazing acting like RK SUPERSTAR.People discusting most of time since shaw has begun about Vivian and his character and that improve what profil of actor he is.You could love or hate him but you couldn’t ignore him like every big star.H has a lot of fans and you can hate him but we will love him and support him more and more.Only magic this show was and is and will be Drashti and Vivan together.Drashti and Vivian=Madhubala no metter what Bollywood or You say we love them both.


    how much were u paid 4 writing such nonsense????

  • Mad Geet Nbt-Mb

    love the show for dvd…….happy with new twist

  • Moumita

    Completely agree wuth you…This show has become the biggest comedy show after CNWK.Don’t expect people to agree here to ur views as they are blind supporters of either of the two actors or the onscreen jodi.Now they don’t even want to see logic. Poor Fellas.But the audience who gives TRP surely won’t be impressed by such stupid things.

  • Hema

    This bloody site never gave anby good reports of MB in its Hey days n now special article on MB BLOODY SWINES. Go get lost we don’t care about your article n we #MadhubalaEIEJ fans enjoyed the way #AK WAS KICKED OUT OF THE SHOW It should have been in a more Terrible way but Makers of MB are kind hearted so t
    AK’s EXIT WAS NOT THAT HARSH. WE #DVD FANS ARE enjoying the current track and also would like to Request fans not to get carried away by such Stupid articles by stupid sites who never ever supported #Madhubala insteard trying to pull us down. Let all MBaians b united n support r angel’s #DRASHTI n #VIVIAN. This is 2 warn all #MB #DD n #VD lovers there r some Anti-MB FANS trying 2 spread Negativity about r SHW. Ignore such

  • dd d princess n vivian d king

    Crap show ,dont know why colors spending so much on stars who act bigger than story,and not on show.In a way good ,both Drashti and vivian were flying,acting arrogant .Their days over ,only fools hanging with crap show.

  • dhani


  • dhani

    miss moumita, u told that,”only fools hanging with crap show”,but no one can comment on any show without seeing that show, which shows that u too watch that show,which means who you are?…………………..