Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Abhay Kapoor to die; Raj Kumar regains memory

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Abhay Kapoor to die; Raj Kumar regains memory

After much deliberation and several auditions, Nautanki Films has decided to not replace Gunjan Utreja

Ever since the news about Gunjan Utreja quitting the show has broke, the makers of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon have been scavenging for a new baddie in tellyland. In fact, Krip Suri who is currently doing Sadda Haq on Channel V and Hasan Zaidi of Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath fame were even shortlisted for the role.

However, we now hear that Abhinav Shukla is not replacing Gunjan, instead, the producer is planning to kill Abhay in the forthcoming episodes and introduce an entirely new track.

Well here’s the other news for the fans of Madhubala… With Abhay’s death, Raj Kumar (Vivian DSena) will regain his memory and start falling in love with Madhu (Drashti Dhami). The future track will focus on their budding romance. Guess the makers are desperately trying to revive the dropping numbers of the show. Let’s hope the new track is able to do just that… What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Hulela

    That’s are good news and good decision Nautanki films because this show doesen’t deserve so much negativity.We want love,passion and good humor.Also,good chemistry beetwen Vivian and Drashti is unbeliveble and key off success.I wish all the best actors and CV makers in future story also all the best for GU in his future plans.

    • Sanghita Dey

      u are absolutely right…but hope later they give us a track where Rishbala murderers will be punished…I can’t forget their death scene ….

  • Anushka

    Pretty disgusting if you ask me. Gunjan was very good both acting wise, look-wise, too bad. The show was great with the previous Madhu and RK, but we did not want to see the same thing AGAIN! Just too disappointing!

  • Aparna

    This is the most ridiculous show ever. The guy is mentally challenged. What does it mean he regains memory? There is a limit to nonsense.
    Changing Gunjan’s character is the worst thing happened to this show. I am happy he finally left. Abhay Kapoor – Madhu track would have made this show a huge hit. It was so refreshing, but some idiot changed the track all of a sudden and brought Vivian back as a mentally challenged guy. Now they say he is not mentally challenged? somehow his memory gets fixed and he will romance? What rubbish!
    I no longer watch this stupid show after they made Abhay negative. I hope this show gets cancelled soon.

  • Miya

    Post leap Abhay Kapoor track was good. They ruined everything by brining Vivian back as a mental kid. Good Luck to Gunjan. I don’t want to see him negative. It is sad they did not show more Mahay.

  • Rishbala

    That’s a good news!!!!! Da romance between Madhu & RK will be beautiful rather than watching them suffering!!!! Hope the future story will be interesting!! Anyway good luck to GU!!!!

  • Dea Chakrabarti

    Great news that Abhay kapoor will die. It was torturous to see him on screen. What a monkey-face !
    Waiting to watch Madhu-RK sizzling chemistry once again. Others may come & go but Madhu-Rk were & will always be the life of the show.

  • guest

    this show must have ended with RK Madhu getting a child with a happy note like GEET. The professional and commercial compulsions made both the lead actors and producers to drag on and they spoilt the story Good things will stand in the memory if it is stopped at its gloriest moment. let us imagine the serial stopped at that point

  • Ilovemadhubala

    Thats good i loveeeee this showw i hope others will start loving it too

  • shalma

    Exactly i am totally agree with you !!

  • anindita

    Gunjan come back to show lets the rk truth will be revealed and ur character will turn to positive