Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Does RK really love Madhubala?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Does RK really love Madhubala?

The love-hate-love relationship between the couple in the telly-serial makes for an entertaining watch… and we hear it’s soon going to turn all romantic between the duo. Should we believe the rumours?

A li’l birdie from the sets of Madhubala informed us that Rishabh Kundra (Vivan Dsena) aka RK’s heart is melting for Madhu (Drashti Dhami). Apparently, after Madhu falls ill (nothing too serious – just a common cold) RK gives her medicines because he is oh-so-concerned. We’d have agreed with this if only he had not forced the nasty stuff down her throat – where’s the romance in that, we wonder! Sources also inform us that in upcoming episodes RK will throw a lavish party where he’ll kiss Madhu to show that he has feelings for her. Now that would be testosterone speaking, for sure!

The couple is also rumoured to be getting really up close and very personal soon. While we really want to believe that is true, it just seems too soon, no? Unless of course it’s a nightmare, but who is having these wild dreams is the real question? We are sure Madhu still wants to claw RK’s eyes out for all that he’s been making her do, so there’s no romance lost as far as she is concerned. But if she has a soft corner for brooding men, then this is going to open some new chapters in her life. And if it’s Rishabh who is dreaming about kissing Madhu, then we are sure the makers are going to keep him in denial for another two weeks. Any which way, wethinks that the evil laugh that RK lets out every now and then seems more a symptom of a digestive disorder of sorts than his negative character showing! And if Madhu stops looking to dazedly, open-mouthedly, stunningly awed by his hammy presence, maybe we will believe the story a little more…

But if this is not anyone’s imagination, and RK really does kiss Madhu at the party, we think it will just be another ploy to trouble the damsel in distress. What do you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Arnav

    Go to Hell you dumbo, Stop posting ur negative articles about Madhubala…………

    • shyn

      They both r the cutest couple right guysssss………

      • Pearl Papnai

        I agree wth u yar…..

        • neri

          best jodi

  • Udita Shah

    I think Madhubala rocks.. We are enjoying the show :D :;

  • K11

    Fake kiss right, because vivian said he’ll never do a real liplock.

  • Ruv

    He doesn’t kiss her =P He just threatens her to but doesn’t. Sad. But hopefully the romance between them is starting.

  • shady

    Vivian is a shy guy he Will Never Kiss Any One

  • barbiegee

    i thnk this show get more intrestng soon.

  • sweet.heer

    yes serial in india .

  • princess mahi

    yes serial in india .dd best ..vivian behaviour is like a girl..he is not shy..

  • shiwanie

    madhubala ek ishq ek junoon is the 2nd best tvserial of vivian dsena after pkyek am i right or……

    • anjali

      truly said :)

  • nav

    yh pkyek the best show

  • anjali

    madhubala is the most beautiful serial.
    RK is wowwwwwwwwww



  • sara

    i love rk,rk you rock

  • dipshikha das

    this show is very interesting show i would love to see that when RK will realise that he is in love vid madhubala i’m waiting for that episode last but not least that i luv RK very much

  • dips

    madhubala is the 2nd best show of vivan after pkyek infact in pkyek also vivan&sukriti have a wonderful chemistry&in madhubala also vivan&dhrasti having a wonderful chemistry madhubala ek ishq ek junoon is off to air & going to spread everywhere&in everybody’s heart

  • Najwa

    Rk and madhubala r awesome couple I am addict for this serial I luv them

  • Love is in the air

    Guys,. Vivian – RK is already married and unfortunately not with Madhu- Dhrasti. But their love chemistry rocks in the serial. Spcially RKs killing looks when he look at madhu after her arguments :) njoy….

  • anagha

    i dont think so. if he really love her, he never get her ambarase in public.. sure, he will kiss her in future, but only when they both alone in their room.. not in party or in public.. as he respect her and her feelings also.. but i wish to start their romance very soon..:-)

  • anagha

    rk-madhu rocks… just love their chemistry.. RK’s looks are simply killing.. Madhu also give hot looks to RK now.. i am sure, madhu have strong feelings for Rk. n very soon, Rk will also admit his love for madhu..

  • aliyah

    i must say vivian ur love of my life n ur acting in madhubala is fab.u have to contine madhubala plz d’nt stop do it for ur loving fans.we love u alot we can die for u n its ture.

  • nisha jangir

    best jodi madhu and rk

  • Susanta

    The earlir weaked action of RK was rewarded in shape of lovestory with madhu. so it a moraleless & unpopular serial.Why Madhus first lover leave her ,Who is the cause.Can a strong personally goes changing lovers one after another. This totally a nasty love story.

  • sree

    plz dont change drasthi and vivan.

  • hasnaa

    madhu n rk is the best jodi…they rock

  • bhaviya

    rk i love u

  • mahi

    I like u RK………

  • Deepika

    Dr rk u r acting s superb. Once give tappad to ‘ ur’ deeps

  • samira

    ya neznau chto i skazat ya obajau etu paru ya ih tak polubila ya obajau vas rk i madhu no esli madhu viberit sultana to ya nikogda ne poveru v lubov

  • samira

    MADHU RK VI SUPER SUPER YA VAS ABOIH LUBLU ochen i nadeus konec seriala uvidet bolshoi vzaimnoi lubvi