Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Fan helps producer Abhinav Shukla with Vivian DSena’s plot

Thu, April 10, 2014 1:29pm IST by
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Fan helps producer Abhinav Shukla with Vivian DSena’s plot

Ever since the new leap has happened, the producers have been experimenting. While some have paid off, we are still awaiting the results of the rest

Last week, we wrote a story wondering if Vivian DSena’s re-entry ruined Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’s new track. We got a lot of responses from fans, some agreeing to our opinion and some who detested us and our views. Among all the comments there was one interesting post that really caught our eyes written by Nora Mahmoud – (clearly shows we read everything you write).

The viewer says that we must give Abhinav Shukla, Nautanki Films and their new plot some time to get to the meat of the plot. Unlike others, Nora gives us (read the makers) tips on probable twists the show could take in the future. We like the ideas and hope the makers of Madhubala are keeping a close watch on this one.

# Option 1-Raj Kumar (Vivian DSena) is pretending to be mentally challenged:

He can have his own ulterior motive against the Kapoors. Perhaps, Abhay Kapoor (Gunjan Utreja) could have been responsible for his family’s financial loss and his father’s suicide. Raj can hold them responsible and has probably come to the house for revenge. This is quite similar to Mohan Kundra’s (RK’s father) suicide and since this was never explored, it could make an interesting plot. Abhay could have been directly responsible for a beloved family member’s death and Raj is a witness to it. He doesn’t just want to take revenge against AK and the Kapoors but wants to make them suffer slowly. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, who would ever suspect a sweet, innocent boy stuck in a man’s body of anything?

# Option 2-Raj Kumar’s condition is due to trauma:

Raj could have had a traumatising experience as a child and never managed to come out of it. We know that he is already terrified of the dark and is not fond of human contact. Raj could have also gotten into an accident as an adult. Sometimes with serious head trauma, patients can regress into childhood. Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) treats Raj and takes care of him, finally curing him. They can then together deal with the Kapoors. Now this is rather typical plot.

# Option 3-Madhubala is planning her revenge against Abhay Kapoor:

What if Madhu Jr is well aware of her parents Rishab Kundra and Madhu, how they died and the whole truth behind it? What if Radhaji and Bittuji actually told her about Rishbala and she moved to Mumbai to avenge her parents? It could also be shown that Raj and Madhu join hands and plot their revenge against AK. This would be fun to watch and would be an excellent twist in the story.

Guess BollywoodLifers have a lot of ideas up their sleeves to help make Madhubala a more engaging story, no? Let’s hope Mr Shukla is reading.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ammara

    wow option 3 will be best and they can also add this raj kumar is aryan sultan’s son and he is helping madhu

    • aruna

      When are they going to reveal the real truth who was behind madhu & rk death .It must come in front of media . abhay misunderstanding must get clear and abhay has to feel for his mistake and handover the studio & property must to madhu & bittu later raj must have some reason for come back into madhu jr life for some revenge later madhu jr must bcome a star and some where they can introduce their love for each other .

    • aruna

      it will bro sis romance

      • ammara

        not brother sis it will cusins romance and czns can get married and can romance

      • shyra

        Very true!!!! except some VD Fans, many of them have stopped watching this serial…its more like brother sister romance..really HARD TO DIGEST!!!!!! After VD’s Re-entry i thought that there may be some twists, Ak will realise his fault n finally AK & Madhu will be together..this story is getting boring day by day..from last few month AK’s character was of a nice and helping human….WHY THE HELL HE WILL BE IN NEGATIVE ROLE after knowing the truth behind his father’s death i.e. his So called step mom reality..??? Isn’t it hard Irony to accept??? Will he support his step family after knowing the murderers n will take revenge from MADHU…Why The hell he will do that??? IS he MAD?? Further why will madhu take revenge from AK after knowing he was not involved at all???

        The serial demands some originality….want AK & MADHU back…they were really good together…
        No dislike for VD…but the story actually need realistic concepts if you want your serial to rock as it did in past..


    R.K should not be a mentally challenged person and he should help madhu to play a game with Abhay. I wish he is the son of K.R.K

    • Sherin

      RK can be son of KRK … but Aryan track might not suit .. as they will be step-bro and step-sis that way … however, Aryan can be introduced to help Madhu in some other character …. However, I don’t think Abhay has any right to take revenge … nor do I understand how they rule the property when it is not practical!!

  • sudha

    wow option 3 is the best and raj should no longer be a mentally challenged person

  • Lala

    OPTION 3 PLEASE!! That would be awesome!!!

  • sarakhan

    vivian dsena looks hot cool -_- the best rk in the world

  • Rishbala

    I really like option 1!!! But option 3 is not bad either. As long as RK is no longer a mentally challenged person I’m fine with it!!! Hope the story will end happily for Madhu jr, RK and for us (fans)!!!!

  • RK

    wow option 3 will be best

  • madhu

    RAJ should no longer be a mentally challenged person

  • Rj madhu

    I think option 2 is better and hope the show get good TRPs.

  • upasna

    Opinion 1 and 3 are gud…..before people loose interest over this serial…the team should work on the twist and climax as soon as possible…

  • Navisha Malhi

    option 1 is wicked. it will make the show hit again and option 3 is owkai, but option one is fantastic :)



  • Dear

    frst of all jrmadhu should know abut her parents and how they die and yah again reveing system from madhu towords abhay thats not right as if since abhy was a child everyone had said them that its hes fault that abhy fathers die n he think rk n madhu r responsible for it so first of all Abhay miss sunderstanding should be cleared and know how hes father die and who are the real killer of rishbala director cant reiun abhys charater like this as if u have shown Ak was a nice person…well 1 and 2 option are horrible no use three only this part were madhu should know abut her parents and Abhay kapoor to realize the mistake and get to know who r the real ememy of his father and yah plz Abhinav sir dont reiun gunjans charater only for making vivian to enter the show…u can make them ak jr madhu raj to work together n take revenge from the real Enemies…….And if u realy want to reiun the show u will apoint these three option..

  • Anushka

    they should just let the romance between Abhay and Madhu evolve.. Gunjan is doing a great job and we’ve already been through the RK/Madhu romance. It is becoming boring..

  • maya

    I think he should be KRK son and has been told everything by his dad about rk n madhu n they were looking for radha to look after as madhu helpped krk.
    Raju worked at the orfan heard the phone call made by ak explaining what he will do to rks daughter and thats where the act started.
    He saw madhus picture n realised who she was.
    All is a act to protect her
    And on AK bday madhu gets all her inheritance and is told she is spouse of RK so infact incharge of him.
    Also as RK is registered as AK son he is fun power of AK money.
    They should show madhu more like her father and NOT like a soft idiot.
    No crap of pple doing stuff to her or evil gitls and crap of cleaning shoes. Reality a normal person would go to the police.

  • maya

    Aryan is her blood cousin should only return as brother and to protect he also has inheritance to claim.
    I wish they worked more on commen sence than same typical crap

  • dhani

    but when the episode with option ( anyone) starts