Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Gunjan Utreja quits; show to end on May 24?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Gunjan Utreja quits; show to end on May 24?

Gunjan Utreja has quit the telly show. While the makers are looking for a replacement rumours are rife that the show might end by the end of May. Will we have no more Madhubala, read on to find out…

Vivien Dsena must be happier than Pharrell Williams currently. Just like he wanted he is the solo lead in the show Madhubala right now because we hear that Gunjan Utreja who played the role of Abhay Kapoor has called it quits. When Utreja was contacted he neither confirmed nor denied the news. The show makers are looking to replace Gunjan and they have already approached Shaleen Malhotra, Hasan Zaidi and Krip Suri. We are given to understand that though Shaleen turned down the role right away, Hasan and Krip went on to give look tests suggesting they are interested to feature in Madhubala.

We also hear that the show’s actors Kishwer Merchantt (Ananya), Indresh Malik (Bittooji) and Shama Deshpande (Radha) and Puneet Sachdev (Nikhil) have ‘taken a break’ from shooting for the show. We fear that like Deepshikha Nagpal (Pam) who left the show recently, these cast members too have quit Madhubala.

That’s not all in the turbulent lands of Madhubala. Apparently, Ekta Kapoor’s new telly show is about to replace Madhubala from May 24 on Colors. But Madhubala’s producer, Abhinav Shukla dismissed all rumours saying that all is well and the show isn’t shutting down anytime soon.

Well, we hope that Shukla is not lying about Madhubala’s fate. Keep watching this space for more updates on Color’s Madhubala.

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  • Hulela

    I just can’t understand why you Boolywood life write always bad about Vivian Dsena.At the begining of Madhubala he wasn’t solo lead because there were caracters like Mukund and Sultan not only RK.It’s true that all story is about Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena caracters but be real they are the biggest stars there and because of them and their acting and chemistry we love watching Madhubala.Mr Utreja wants publicity and that why he talks ugly about Vivian.I am suprised that Vivian didn’t answer Mr Utreja in public but he is Gentlmen und superstar and he is secure into himself.Keep forward Viv be kind to unkind peope.

  • lilly

    OK now don’t shut down madhubala may 24 i will be upset so i will love it if it will be going make someone else as the role of abhay kapoor and don’t kill vivan’s character and i agree with Hulela why do you guys write mean things about vivan you idiots just stop Vivan is much better than abhay any way just let it end happily

  • whocares

    I kinda agree with Hulela and Lilly… Madhubala shouldn’t end. I want to see if Madhubala Jr’s Bollywood career will shine. And she doesn’t face he same fate as Madhubala Sr… And I want Vivian to be back in this RK avatar which everyone loved.
    Best thing to do is to start another season of Madhubala.. Everything from the start will be so cool. Something that happened with Chhoti Bahu.
    RK the superstar again and Madhubala the daughter of a Junior artist and how she grows to become an actress. The main focus of the show was lovely and it didn’t work out well.. :(

  • Shishir Mukherjee

    Cut the cr*p and stop this stupid serial. Ekta Kapoor please quit this industry you are an abomination for the film industry. You ruined a finely running series yet again and you simply don’t like to learn from your mistakes isn’t it. This series should have ended a long time back and yet again you focused on stretching this series to an extent where you don’t have a story to deliver.