Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Gunjan Utreja to romance Drashti Dhami!

Gunjan Utreja

The makers have finally picked their new hero and we hope he does a good job!

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon bade farewell to Vivian D’Sena before the 18-year-leap, and producer Abhinav Shukla and Saurabh Tiwary have been scavenging the tellyland for suitable faces with apt acting talent.

Last time we heard, there were 12 names shortlisted and Mr Shukla told us that the final decision will be taken on Monday (February 10). Now according to the word from the horse’s mouth, Gunjan Utreja – actor, comedian, TV host has been selected to take the baton from Vivian to play the lead role. He was last seen in Aamna Saamna on Colors.

Is this Drashti Dhami’s new look in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon?

Gunjan will be playing popular actor Abhay Kapoor in the daily soap. We caught up with Abhinav to confirm the details, “Yes, Gunjan Utreja is confirmed as Abhay Kapoor. When we selected Vivian also it was an ideal choice, so going by our conviction we opted for Gunjan this time. It’s just our conviction and the fact that he looked the part at this point of time. We just hope we are right.”

Now we know the actor is a good host, but chemistry with Drashti Dhami is very essential to keep the show running. Will his pairing with Drashti create the same magic as the pairing of Drashti and Vivian? You tell us, BollywoodLifers.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • khadija

    neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever on this life! VD and DD are the JODI Creation By LORD and NO ONE can change this EVEN the makers from MEIEJ!

    • Reem

      Waaaaaaat the f***? Madhubala ek ishk ek junoon sucks widot RK… I only watch the show bcoz of him oonly… pls RK back….no one can replacehim…pls listen to people’s voice. Orelsegoodbye to madhubala., v wont watch it anymore.NO RK NO MADHUBALA….

      • Gaz

        I hate this show now , it’s so so daft now I am not watching anymore, the makers have gon maddddddddddddd

        • Lujain Raushan

          i agree

  • Mirjana

    Oh, come on please!!!!!!!!!!! He is so, so, so……. disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And after VD that is inadmissible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye Madhubala Ek Iskq Ek Junoon

  • aleeza

    yuck!!! he is digustin! i love you vivian, no jodi can beat vivian drashti! Madhubala EIEJ is going to end!!!!

  • Khokan Roy

    this jodi is impossible…little madhu and abhay kapoor’s age different is so long…almost 20-25 years…i mean generation gape…wats going on makers and creatives ….love birds bittu ji son and madhu…r d good jodi…its posible..not abhay kapoor.

    • Haleemah

      I agree with u they should have made bittu jo kid as rk

    • arohi

      yeah. rk-madhu died of abhay kapur, when jr madhu was born. now after 20 yrs jr madhu is romancing abhay kapur….a man of her father”s age. madhubala makers sucks…

  • Heenakshi

    No it won’t create the same magic coz no one can set the screens on gire the way Rishbala did…..hoping for Vivian to cum back

  • Rajvi Dedhia

    Just ask the makers to listen to people’s voice or this is gonna be d end for this amazing show….

  • Vidhya Ganesh

    Iyyo cant just imagine junior madhu with uncle age abay kapoor.goodbye to serial.we r happy wth vd and dd

  • Vidhya Ganesh

    Nothing can match rk and madhu, we miss u

    • karthik

      i accept…also, how come jr.madhubala marries the one who takes her dad’s place by killing him

  • Haleemah

    The show is gonna be crap now coz no one can do the same chemistry as Vivian and drashti bring vd back

  • poorvi

    abbe vivian ko vaapas laooo

  • :P


  • :P


  • divya kanojia

    i think ab ye show utna ni chalega jasa chalata h vivan ko vapas lana chaiye punah janam like krk sun to chalega only

  • divya kanojia

    36 ka hero n 18 ki heroine rk’s daughter n hero me heroine ke dad wali baat na h

  • Lol

    Guys we shouldn’t be really judging wait till more episodes come infact we probably don’t know what they have in store for us so it’s better to wait and see then decide if we like it or not :) )

  • malisha

    i really liked madhu n rk jodi !!!!! it wont be possible for me to see her romance someone else . N on thinking the fact that its mostly because of abhay that rk n madhubala(mom)is dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bluebell Princess

    I simply don’t like him! Bring VD back as a new RK duplicate (humshakal number 2) & do sumthing like Om Shanti Om and make Abhay Kapoor spit out the truth!

  • Abhiramy satheesan

    I think abhay & madhu is a really good jodi. thank god…. unlike RK he know how to act well. RK always been show guy. ……

    • jessicababyxxxx

      I think the same thing so abhay and madhu

    • Lujain Raushan

      nope vivan is better actor he is so damn good what the hell is wrong with you yaar yeh bandar ko kuch acting aatha nahi hai tumhara dhimak karab heh ya kya. drashti achia karhi hai yeh bandhar nahi only vvivan and drashti

      • Abhiramy satheesan

        Dimak to tumara kharab tha esliyeto show band hui….

  • Ranjita Naidu

    This is strange As this serials should realize that Madhubala and RK promises Will be together even for next 7 birth but now suddenly they Charges the story b’come ridiculous.

  • Akshay

    Vivian d sena rocksss….there can be no jodi like vivian n dhrasti…i think madhubala eiej is going to end…..or get back vivian…