Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Madhu to get Raja arrested for raping her

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Madhu to get Raja arrested for raping her

It’s not okay for a man to force himself on a woman even if it is his wife; we believe so but looks like Raja comes from a very different school of thought

In the previous episode, we saw Raj Kumar aka Raja (Vivian DSena) approaching Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) in a drunk state after being egged on by  Bhanu Pratab Singh (Jaswant Menaria). In order to prove that the place of a woman is at a man’s feet RK forces himself on Madhu.

In the morning, when Madhu wails and shouts at him for his drunken behaviour, RK nonchalantly says that it’s not rape when two people are married. His family also ignores her pleas and asks her to move on.

Well Madhu decides to teach RK a lesson. She goes to the police station and files a complaint against Raja. And guess who supports her in her decision – Dida. Madhu finally narrates her entire story to her grandmother – from coming to Mumbai, meeting Abhay Kapoor, getting married to Raja and meeting his family.

Now we are waiting to see how Raja will react when the cops come to arrest him. Will he willingly go to jail or pretend to be mentally unstable to avoid the arrest. Either ways, Madhu will never forgive him for his actions and we are in complete agreement with her.

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  • Romana Melinc

    I think that Raja did not rape Madhu, he was so drunk, Madhu lied to get rid of him and put him to the jail.

    • Meena Devi

      correct ..i also think that madhu liedn to get rid off him

    • whocares

      Are you suggesting that THE Madhubala is lying? Omg haha :P

  • Prachi

    Where was Madhu’s anger when Abhay Kapoor and Mami Ji used to do wrong with him. Then she was so innocent and can do nothing except crying. Now all of a sudden she has become so strong and showing her stupid anger always…getting bored


    #Madhubala getting interesting day by day…awesome acting by vd n dd….

  • becks

    madhu isnt lying she did get raped it wasnt raja it as the other guy from pratigya