Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: RK shows his true colors

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: RK shows his true colors

The show is set to reveal some major dramatic twists and turns in the upcoming week

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon has been a treat to watch ever since RK (Vivian DSena) and Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) expressed their love for one another. With all the kuchikoo going on, there was no room for malice, but looks like the viewers are in for a rude shock.

Rishab, who was the epitome of romance and all the lovey dovey mush, has apparently been faking it. No daily soap has ever managed to pull off the hero as the baddie for that long, but looks like the creatives of Madhubala achieved it. According to the promos, the couple is all set to retake their vows, in this case the saat pheras, and suddenly RK has a change of heart. He wickedly grins, and without saying anything, Madhu understands the underlying meaning. Well, will someone care to explain it to us too?

Apparently, all this while, RK has been faking his love for Madhu to take some sort of revenge. Looks like the plot has just begun to thicken, interesting no? We cross our fingers and hope that the producers of the show are really going to make it fun, ‘coz if this turns out to be some kind of sacrifice wherein he is either about to die or something on those lines and hence wants Madhu to hate him, then it is really going to suck.

With the twist in the story, we wonder if the whole Balraj (Madhubala’s father) vs RK face-off was fake. Will the wicked man rise from the dead too?

Anyway, we sympathise with the fans ‘coz frankly we are as confused as they are. So after learning that RK’s love is a big fat lie, will Madhu still continue to love him? Or will she move out and make a career of her own in films? Or is this RK’s way to get Madhu to act in movies? Too many questions and there’s no logical answer. Guess it’s time to wait and watch for what unfolds next…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • K11

    Wow i seriously thought Rishab was just the one time hater and then will melt for Madhu one day, but this twist turned out to be the best!

    • ann

      i agree to u ..its cool

      • kappa

        me to i donot want to see the serial.

        • Doushe Khan

          why don’t you wanna see this serial

  • neha

    thanks for making me STOP watching madhubala which had become an addiction. now on after seeing the promos i will not watch the same.

  • Debasish

    Its a ridiculous thing to happen..after so much love actions this twist is ridiculous..why the serials does nt end well?? Its alwz same rituals..marriage thn brk-up thn again marriage again brk up.. Ghatiya Story likna bandh kar do..this episode just lolzz…

  • naju

    i agree wit u neha……… me too gonna stop watching dis show…..

  • Pabi

    OMG!!! I’m freaking out!

  • Soni

    Gosh.. After watching today`s episode I m truly shaken
    Didn’t expect this from the RK I have been seeing from the past few weeks
    It indeed is a superb twist from the love struck couple story but I really hope this would not lead to some illness of RK because we want to always see good things as entertainment and after seeing the romantic RK, many of us are indeed in love with the character.
    Pls do not make us hate him else I would definately not want to watch it like how I have been doing it like crazy these days.
    Looking fwd to see it but not RK in a negative character pls….

  • Amrita bagchi roy

    I am it reality??very upset..i cnt.imagine..rk cn beheb wid it fair?..i stop to see madhubala..

  • Akansha Bhardwaj

    Please dont spoil this romantic track… this is not fair with madhubala….

  • Apy

    Last episode is very-3 interesing as my head is still shaking & shocked to think of it. alllllllll in suspence lets hope for next

  • yogi……

    this is really…………………not done……..was going in such a romantic way…………i wanna see the old rk.plsssss…for god’s sake change the track……..nnn…continue with the old track…pls…plss…plss…………..if this continues…the serial will definatelt loose its trp…..nd for sure i won’t see it….anymore………..

  • Priti Das

    Now what marginal will do??? Becomes actress ??? Have an head- on with RK?????????? He’ll loose!!! Continue fighting and later realizes his fault????!!!? Will Try to impress her…Then both will again marry???!!!!?!?? Is that your story???????
    This show is gonna loose some TRP for sure..

    • Priti Das

      I meant madhubala not marginal …..sorry :-P

  • raj

    I HATE R.K .
    I also nt want to see the serial .
    plz show some again twist .
    i want the romentic,cute and loving r.k again .plz plz .

  • This Serial Ended For Me

    After Balrag died I stopped watching the show!
    They should’ve made these tracks
    : Deepali And RK
    : RK’s Father
    : Madhubala becomes an actress ( MOST AWAITED AND BASIS OF THE SHOW)
    : ETC
    Now they made this silly track! So this serial ended for me on January 21 2013

  • chul bul

    pls stop writing such stupid stories fr God sake.was watching it with much interst but now its like why didd i waste my time watching this ..after all th same old story where in th end both will come together.u people make marriage a funny subject tht it has lost all its importance.relations and emotions are nothing to u..infact u guys are playing with our emotions..

  • mitali

    I like romantic rk
    I just love there chemistry together

  • manisha

    now i dont want to watch the serial because there is no romance between r.k n madhu i wish they get together so i can watch the serial

  • manisha

    now i dont want to watch the serial because there is no romance between r.k n madhu i wish they get together so i can watch the serial i love r.k n madhus jodi

  • Sufi Ghayoor Ali

    It is really Super Hit Serail But Madhu se Zyda Mujhe R.k bhot Acha lagta hai.

    • Sufi Ghayoor Ali

      Bhai waqt ke Sath sub Theik ho jai ga.

    • sangeetha

      drashti(madhu) is the best best best actress…… DD so soooooo much….. DD rocks…mb rocks….

  • sangeetha

    DRASHTI u r the best… u sooooooo much…keep rocking…..muaahhhh…..

  • anita

    mahdubala serial bakwas hote ja rahe hai. selfish rk ko hi jada impotance diya ja raha hai. Jab ki sultan sacha hai. RK apna ego aur madhu ko hasil karna aisa hai. Pls sachai ko dekhaiye. nahi to lagega ki nari sirf purusho k mohtaj hai. jab RK ka maan huya madhu ko nikal diya aur jab maan huya ghar le ane k liye natak? Had hai….. Plsss change it

  • gunjannarvat

    MyLove RK

  • Doushe Khan

    Ilike you a lot RK

  • Aquib

    I want see rk and madhubala together
    does not like sultan with madhubala

  • Guri Sandhu


  • qwerty 23

    Guys this is the point where the show started to go down the drain. This is horible