Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Vivian DSena back to romance Drashti Dhami? Watch video!

Tue, March 25, 2014 12:40pm IST by
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Vivian DSena back to romance Drashti Dhami? Watch video!

One of the most interesting twists on Madhubala is expected soon

Drashti Dhami aka Madhubala and Vivian DSena (RK) will be back as a couple on Colors hit show Madhubala  Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Wondering where does this take Gunjan Utreja aka Abhay Kapoor and Madhu’s love story? While Abhay made a romantic proposal to Madhu in the last episode, it seems like it was just a facade. Madhubala takes a U-turn and hits back on to the revenge plot.

Abhay’s marriage proposal to Madhu is just another ploy, Kapoor is now seeking revenge from Madhu and her grandmother Radhaji (Shama Deshpande). And hence he instead gets a mentally challenged RK to marry Madhu.

Gives us a déjà vu feeling. While we like Madhubala fans are happy that Vivian DSena is back on the show, here are a few questions we have in mind. Does this mean that Vivian will sideline Gunjan in the coming episodes? Will Madhu-RK go through the same grind of winning over love and the love-hate relationship?

While Drashti and DSena’s chemistry onscreen is great we hope that the makers find an interesting twist to the love story, else it might just be like we are watching recaps of the older episodes, hai na?

Here watch Vivian DSena’s return on Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon!

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  • Mahnoor

    i love madhubala and i know what happened was wrong but still a mentally challenged RK to marry madhu thats just mean

  • faiman

    I adored the original RK and Madhubala, didn’t really like Abhay Kapoor. But this is sort of GROSS to have a girl marry her father’s look alike. Writers are taking it too far just to bring in Vivian Desena.

    • Lujain Raushan

      i agree why she marry his look alike

  • fuckyoubollywoodlife

    omg they said he will leave the show etc. and now he is back!? really..

    • crystal

      yes he is back in madhubala ek ishq ek junoon. …..I n very happy. ..ty for bringing vd back….gunjan is good bt didnt win tje heartz of d fanz+there is a LOT of differences between their ages as madhubala is of 20 n abhay is of 37

      • simran kaur

        i love the jodi of abay and madhu . vivian must not come back

        • monika gupta

          I am very Happy R K is back ……

          • huma

            ab rk ko pagl ka rol na dijiye gA aur na wo madhu ko torch kre acha pti bn k madhu k sth mil k nikl lugu sy badla ly bt aik father ki shdi bti sy ni honi cahiye ti bht bura huwa. lakn ab us ko madhu ka sth dana cahiye aur madhu ko bta dy k us k parents rk aur madhu thy

          • huma

            ap ny daramy ka satya nas kr diya father jasy sy shdi kr k aur ab mazzed bura na kijy ga ab madhu ko sari haqeqt bta dy us k parents ki aur jo new rk aya ha is ko madhu sy muhbt ho aur us ka sth dy wo

          • simran kaur

            madhu again get married to the person similar to his father . Isnt it beard

        • RK

          Vivian is the best actor we all have seen his performance.

          and no matter what is the relationship have vivian to other. His acting is enough to carry forword to Madhubala Ek ishq Ek juNOON.

  • Cp

    VD’s comeback is a bad idea unless as the miraculously survived father. The current story is just becoming interesting and realistic with enuff suspense lurking thru revelation to Dida & Mama Bittu. Besides Abhay is caring and cute vs. the arrogant spoilt brat that RK was for whom Madhu was constantly making sacrifices. Madhu deserves better, she deserves Abhay Sir and Bebe.

  • Amina

    Please stop this kind of story, daughter marrying her father looklike and let her marry Abhay Kapoor he is very goodlooking guy and thier storry was enterestiing the way he purpose to her was so romantic so please make VD her brother or her father, dont make the show boring we already seen Dreshti and Vivian romance so pleaseee change the story. Thnks

  • jyoti

    thanks for bringing vd back… will be interesting to see madhubala and rk romance again…….abhay and madhubala have a lot of differences especially in their ages….n it will b so boring to see a uncle and a young girl romance so….I m vry happy…thank u once again…..<3

  • Vivianrox

    I m glad Vivian is back.. He is the best thing ever happen to Madhubala..
    He luks gorgeous while Abhay luks like aold buddh

  • Neha Upadhyay

    i think this time the makers should do something new……as we have already seem rishbala jodi so we want something new……hope for the best


    Vivian is the best actor we all have seen his performance.

    and no matter what is the relationship vivian have to other. His acting is enough to carry forword to Madhubala Ek ishq Ek juNOON.

    • Jacqui

      I’m not sure about ‘best’ actor but he does play his character with intensity enough to make us believe.
      I do agree with that last statement though.
      Cheers :-)

  • viewer

    abhay pruposal was so romantic but a girl marriying her father looklike person is so awkward i think abhay should marry madhu and then abhay torches madhu and madhu will fall in love with vivan and dida will not talk to madhu
    and then abhay will realize that her stepmother and nikhil was the reason of his father’s death

  • viewer

    a mentally challenged husband is quite interesting go on…….
    but please change tamana she is so ugly

  • nithya

    Abhay is good but this story is confusing I THINK RK is mental in this story but somewhat story is going

  • fiya

    i think he will be krk’s son not the mentally challenged rk


      yeahhh u r right..

  • Manavvar Ansari

    R k pagal hona chahiye aur bad me madhu use sudhar de aur fir aur tab tak abhay ko apni galti ka ahsas ho jaye aur wo wapas madhu ke pass jaye.

  • gia

    Please stop this serial not interested to watch

  • shree

    i want vivian to marry drashti in real life toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………….. its my request plz

  • shree

    its not stupid i like this very much u go on ukeep rocking