Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will Drashti Dhami agree to play a mother onscreen?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will Drashti Dhami agree to play a mother onscreen?

The current track in the Colors’ popular daily soap will showcase a pregnant Madhu

A few years back, when Drashti Dhami was the lead in Geet Huyi Sabse Parayi on Star One, the actor refused to play a mother onscreen. Drashti even refused to sport a fake body suit which would show her over seven months pregnant. In order to keep the actor happy, the makers of the show introduced a sequence which showed that Drashti had a miscarriage.

According to the latest track in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Madhu is expecting Raja’s (Vivian DSena) child. She is just a few weeks pregnant and hence the baby bump isn’t visible. However, we wonder if Drashti has changed her mind about playing mother over time? Or will the makers of the show add a miscarriage subplot in the show to suit Drashti’s convenience.

As the storyline progresses, Bhanu (Jaswant Menaria) walks in during Madhu’s godh bharai (baby shower) and points a gun at her. He is angry with Dauji (Ravi Khanvilkar) for naming Madhu as the head of the family instead of him. He attacks the family, kidnaps Madhu and threatens to kill her and the unborn baby if Dauji doesn’t give him Rs 20 crore.

According to the track it is easy for the makers to introduce a miscarriage in the script and give in to Drashti’s demands. But we hope no such thing happens, ‘coz it would be interesting to see the young actor donning the role of a mom as the show progresses. What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • manali

    u reporter are stupid…… dont use drashtis name in your pathetic thought ok??…. love u DD,, want u in a new show or in bollywood…..

  • Love Hate

    Why ? every actor has right to decide whats she wants to portray onscreen or not atleast Drashti shown as pregnant in shows but sanaya irani never been pregnant in any of her shows LOL but you never will right article on her …
    Thank God Crap Madhubala ending … we will see Drashti in new show

    • aliya

      I agree dd has not that personality of playing mother onscreen. she is a diva and should appear in glamourous roles. even I want this stupid mb show to end. its getting annoying with no stable plot at all

  • Guest

    What is so wrong to play a mother? I would understand it if she would be 20 then ok, but she´s already almost 30. The decision is her´s and if she wants to play that role let her play it.

  • pam kaur

    she doesn’t have to show baby bump it can have a leap where she has already had baby either way she has stuck with the show through all its ups and downs so probably won’t be to fussed about it she’s a proffessional

  • aiza

    this is all crap cause previously she was playing the role of pregnant lady and had that bump and all