Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will Madhu choose Sultan over RK?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will Madhu choose Sultan over RK?

We know she loves Rishab, but why then does she keep looking at Sultan like a love lost puppy?

We feel Colors’ Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is heading nowhere. We are still not clear as to why Rishab left Madhu in the first place, even though their nok-jhok was entertaining. And not knowing the real reason is very unsettling.

With Sultan’s entry into the daily soap, things have become even more complicated – not only for us, but for RK and Madhu as well. We’ve seen the way Sultan looks at Madhu in that very endearing way and we are sure he will soon develop feelings for her. So where will that leave RK?

If you ask us, Madhubala is travelling in two boats at the same time. She loves Rishab but is also developing a soft corner for Sultan. She is inching towards the blue-eyed man and we have no clue why? Wonder if the makers will make Sultan the new lead. And will that mean RK and Madhu are heading for a split in the future?

Frankly, we really don’t like the sound of it, not now, nor in the future. RK and Madhu hooked us with their sizzling chemistry right from the start, changing the track now is really going to bug a lot of ardent fans including us.

Let’s hope the writers have a good plan for bringing in Sultan – ‘coz if Madhu ends up with the dude who also has a kid, RK will soon need a new reason to live, no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jasmehta

    We want madhu and sultan love each other and r.k to suffer through pain of love because he deserve it and sultan also deserve madhu in life that would be good for madhu
    And excellent for watch what r.k deserve for his big mistake heshould get that

    • sony

      shut up.what u thinking that rk deserve it.he loves madhu and madhu loves too.rk and madhu is #1 jodi.

      • Nai

        Sorry but I think your being a little rude in your comment. Everyone loves RK but what I don’t understand how can we all like a man that treats his wife with such hatred. He made her life hell from the day he married he then decided to play with her feeling and kicked her out of his house he put her down in front of family and friends. He was disrespectful to her and her family.
        Is that a kind of man that you could trust and forgive.
        Why is it ok for women to forgive after being humiliated of many times.
        Do you really think RK would want madhu back if Sultan was not in the picture. RK wants what he can not have. It’s just games all about winning. Do you think it is fair for madhu who is a sweet to be played by a man who thinks he’s living a film and he calls the shots.
        He needs help and madhu should make a stand and show all other women watching that they can move on after they have been let down by the one person they love and trust.
        I started watching madhubala as I liked they link between madhu and RK but now I only watch hoping she goes with sultan.
        RK is so fake. He’s rude he drinks he has no morals he is rude to his mother and all around him. Would you allow your daughter sister friend to be with a man like that. I think us women deserve a lot more we are not door mates to be walked over we are not toys that are played with.
        I am so team sultan sorry RK fans xx

        • archna

          I think people have to understand soul of this story is RK-Madhu Love story & that is what should be main focus–No one is bad or good– Makers have to right correctly & potray characters in right spirit. If makers choose Sul-Bala– ,this show will go off air soon as no one will watch & this makers have already tasted with falling TRP’s

          • Medha

            My dear reader!Are you in some different world dear? Do you approve of the treatment given to Madhubala by RK? First using her to his obsessive whims & fantasies, rediculing the institution of marriage (char pheras & all..!?)just to take some damn revenge!!Their attitude about how girls/women should be treated is horrendous!Do we only go by the looks of these characters for adding the TRPs?After the plight of NIRBHAYA in Delhi case, are we ourselves not responsible for our outlook towards Women/girls in this country? Hell with the likes of your RK who take great pride in belittling women to feed their own egos!!!
            PS : BTW, are you a girl or a boy?????

        • farishta

          same here i am a SULTAN TEAM too, lets all vote for sultan. sick of rk, moreover we have already explored his love scenes with madhu now it should be all about sultan and madhu

          sorry rk haha

          • saba

            Team Sultan all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ntasha

            Everyone plzz stop watching the show for some time so that the directors have to get sultan and madhu together ! I HATE RK
            he left madhu now he doesnt deserve her !!

  • Anita

    It is only Sulbala and no one else. If you are a journo you should pay attention to what you are writing. What do you mean by saying”Frankly,we do not like the sound of it”. Do not you know that a journo has to maintain a balance.
    This,sorry to say,looks like a paid article to me.

  • Monica

    I want to see Madhu and Sultan together and RK should keep his mountain size ego and suffer. I hope Sultan is not a gangster though otherwise Madhu situation will be like from frying pan to fire.

  • shejuti

    I would say its a great work by Sultan !! I mean just think when theres a couple as lead in the show and ppl r loving them in this situation you enter into that show and just stole the show WOW!!! who would have thought that sultan will turn into this hit this big that we ppl are actually now wanting SULBALA track!! this itself an award for the guy whose playing SULLTAN!! its the chemistry between SULBALA that attracted everyone :D want to see more n more of SULBALA !!

    • Nanush

      VEry rytly said!! its amazing how sultan stole da show in just few episodes! GO sultan team!! lol

      • Pramod

        YESSS! Sultan of Madhubala is the Real Super-Star!! One-up to RK in all respect! Looks, acting, personality! Avinesh Lekhi, you really rule the show! I am sure,you will Make It Big…our blessings to you! Sultan, you ROCK!

    • farishta

      thank you for voting for sultan!!

      please producers make sultan and madhu together/

      If RK and Madhu get back together i can guarantee that they will lose a lot of fans and viewers, because everybody wants Sultan and Madhu to be together. We are all over RK, please please please make Sultan and Madhu get together. If RK and Madhu get back together, it will get very boring as we have seen their love sences already. WE WANT SULTAN PLEASE. He is beautiful :)

      If not Sultan and Madhu, then will STOP watching the show, not just me but all my workmates, uni mates as well as family who all wants Sultan and Madhu together.

      Sick of people saying RK and Madhu should get together, RK is now a history, this show should be all about Sultan and Madhu, most importantly SULTAN!!

  • priti

    Just want RK and madhu no one else.. no sultan… rk and madhu have the best onscreen chemistry….. no sizzles like them onscreen….

    • malar

      rk and madhu are best onscreen pair make rk and madhu to get together plz………… no sultan can be in the place of rk………

  • ayush

    Yes,only Rk & sultan,Rk & madhu’s jodi is the #1.sultan aaya kabab me haddi.we only prefer Rk & madhu love story.finally now Rk regret abt his nonsense,hope to see Rk &madhu’s story in positive.

    • mamta

      ur 100% rite ayush ji,sultan plz no interfere between Rk and madhu,we are very curious to see again rk and madhu’s love story,madhu be a honest lady and patch up with rk.

      • megha

        i also agree with you keep voting for vivian-drasti

    • megha

      you are right we love rm(rk madhu) only in positive way

  • madhu

    only rishabh kundra(rk)and madhubala rishabh kundra.sultan and madhu doesn’t make sense.soooooooooooo only rk and madhu.

  • anjana

    rishbala is the most fantastico name and meaning of madhubala.
    so,we only like to vote rk and madhu love,hope to see madhu and rk’s positive story.not sultan.

  • sony

    if sultan is the main lead it will hurt the feelings of the viewers of madhubala

  • keshav

    rishbala for every made for eachother please make it rishbala only other wise rishbala fans will hurt very much i hope upcoming episode show only rishbala not sultan sultan entry make very boring in show he look very bad he make show dislike to madhubala fans please put end sultan character in show and make only rishbala forevery

  • alpa

    I think the Creatives are trying to make Rk character bad so ppl start liking sultan…. but I want the original magic of rishbala back…

  • Veronica

    What kind or “article” is this? Looks like written by one of those groups of mad youngster fans who apparently cannot see beyond the actor’s looks or gets confused thinking that supporting a character is the same as supporting the actor they love so much, and keep stuck rigid on the same position, saying the same nonsense all the time, despite whatever happens in the show, much to the shock of many of us all over the world, not just in India, who wonder if we are watching the same show and are talking about the same couple’s “love” story.. What is so wrong anyway with having Madhu and Sultan, who is a parallel lead here (per the producers’ words, although that should not matter much in this serial anymore), have not you seen any show in which the original leads do not end up together? In spite of Sultan also having a dark side, has shown to be a good man, genuine, and respects and admires Madhu, plus has amazing chemistry with her. This would be a difficult and challenging love story, but Sultan and Madhu deserve each other and make a great couple. Maybe you (writer) and some group of Rishbala fans, would be disappointed with Madhu and Sultan ending happy together with Aryan, but many many others would love that ending and think that would be amazing.. So if you take position like this in an article, at least sign that you are writing as an RK fan so that we can understand why only RK has the right to be with Madhu, because you said so without giving a reason as to why that and why would be disappointing to pair up Madhu with Sultan.

    • Veronica

      When I meant fan I meant those hard core.. Thankfully, there are many RK, Rishbala and Vivian fans who are not crazy rigid hard core, and make excellent points, valid, interesting posts and discussions, respecting and understanding their views as well as the others’ views, and without insulting or spamming to impose their wish. There are crazy as well as reasonable young and elder fans rooting for both couples… But here I meant that this article here is plain disappointing as it provides nothing to the audience of the show, except that the writer is a fan of a given couple… It is nice when people can write with a purpose other than satisfy a specific group. Sorry that i did not make that clear which type of viewers i was referring to. There are respectable, smart and nice people in all fan groups.. Those are not the type of hard core fans i meant.

    • dee

      Totally agree with you!! Thank god, theres others that think this way :)

    • Medha

      Yes I totally agree with your views!This show should show that any woman(like Madhubala)cannot be taken for a ride! The way she is being treated by the so-called Superstar RK,what does the Producers of this show want to tell us? That the girls should be treated like DIRT, as per the whims of the crazy, obsessive RK? The viewers seem like going out of their minds!!Do such shows only go by their TRPs or do they also like to give some message???This guy RK is sickenning…& Madhubala behaving like his Puppet!!!It is a disgrace to Women…Sorry, but true unfortunately a fact!…the show is turning into sheer Bakwaasbala!

    • farishta

      thank you for voting for Sultan, lets hope the producers listen to us. becuase Madhu and Sultan would make this show very interesting, so SULTAN, SULTAN, SULTAN, SULTAN!!

      If RK and Madhu get back together i can guarantee that they will lose a lot of fans and viewers, because everybody wants Sultan and Madhu to be together. We are all over RK, please please please make Sultan and Madhu get together. If RK and Madhu get back together, it will get very boring as we have seen their love sences already. WE WANT SULTAN PLEASE. He is beautiful :)

      If not Sultan and Madhu, then will STOP watching the show, not just me but all my workmates, uni mates as well as family who all wants Sultan and Madhu together.

      Sick of people saying RK and Madhu should get together, RK is now a history, this show should be all about Sultan and Madhu, most importantly SULTAN!!

  • divya

    superb show

  • divya

    i luv the show it’s really an awesome story. the chemistry maths physics between them is indescribeble. if madhu continues with madhu or sultan the trp will be same as if no change it depends on the performance of the artists…………but the story is entertaining and marvelous…. i luv it a lot i am a big fan of it

  • RAA

    Cvs should bring back the old rishbala magic. Madhu and rks chemistry is sizzling!! Sultan is like a third wheel thats good to get rishbala back together, but otherwise is an unwanted baggage( and just hate the whole “good” gangster bit)
    The whole step baby mama thing is so excessive that it just gets on my nerves!!!
    Hope the rishbala lovestory that we loved gets back on track

  • Aaa

    I love Sultan and Madhu together! I know im in the minority but the entry of Sultan has been a welcome addition. I use to love Rk-Madhu but the way he treats her is just disgusting, and I dont know how Madhu can still care for someone who treats her that way. and regarding RK-Madhu’s chemistry, it wasnt even that great. Sultan and Madhu, who havent had any romantic scenes, have shown good chemistry as well and at the end of the day, the story should complement the chemistry of the characters. If someone abuses and degrades his ‘ex-wife’, but has great chemistry with them, it doesnt justify their actions and the pairing. The chemistry should be ‘sizzling’ but also the actions of the person should be respectful of their partner. Therefore, when RK shows respect for Madhu and stops treating her like his play toy, then maybe their pairing will be justified.

    • farishta

      yeah i agree with you!!


      If RK and Madhu get back together i can guarantee that they will lose a lot of fans and viewers, because everybody wants Sultan and Madhu to be together. We are all over RK, please please please make Sultan and Madhu get together. If RK and Madhu get back together, it will get very boring as we have seen their love sences already. WE WANT SULTAN PLEASE. He is beautiful :)

      If not Sultan and Madhu, then will STOP watching the show, not just me but all my workmates, uni mates as well as family who all wants Sultan and Madhu together.

      Sick of people saying RK and Madhu should get together, RK is now a history, this show should be all about Sultan and Madhu, most importantly SULTAN!!

  • Nathulal Dak

    Iam really happy with director that Rk and Madhubala together pls show some romantic sequence with Rk And madhubala We are happy to see Rk madhu r together Rk and madhu rocks pls we request to director pls don’t make a pair with sultan Madhubala pls sir Rk and madhubala pair is best and best always

    • ashwani

      Got confused about this show after watching 12th April episode…….RK an arrogant and egoistic person……Madhu a strong and kind hearted girl…..when Madhu came to RK Life He was too arrogant but when RK and Madhu love story started…RK becomes a good person because of madhu…..After that suddenly RK become bad person….Now the way he is behaving with Madhu……He is becoming a worst person from a bad person….
      There could be several reason for that…………..
      1. No one clearly know why RK left Madhu earlier….There could be some hidden reason( as RK said that he never do anything for nothing….although RK said that he left madhu to destroy her life…but instead of destroying her left..He himself in that situation….so my guess is there is some hidden reason..that’s why he is behaving like that in front of madhu and his mom….so that he can easily go away from their life…its only my perception……………I guess biggest twist is round the corner.
      2. Writer introduced sultan in this show to show mirror to RK …so that RK can bring madhu back to his life….and somehow they can drag this show for long time…………………….

      3.Wants to show sultan as hero and pushing RK out of show….But that happen i have doubt…because RK and Madhu are the main actor of this show..without them this show is useless……i hope that sultan wife, who left him will also enter in this show at some point of time….

      But to be honest after watching 12th April episode I did not like the ways RK is behaving with madhu…..I means while writing such kind of story writer should show respect towards women…..because a large no. of audience is watching this show….specially young audience…what kind of impact they will have in their mind after watching this show……….be arrogant…and do not respect other’s feeling………..and behave like RK……………….
      Let’s see what store for 2maro…………. Acc. to pre cap….sultan is also looking for madhu…more trouble for her in coming episode……….

  • farishta


    If RK and Madhu get back together i can guarantee that they will lose a lot of fans and viewers, because everybody wants Sultan and Madhu to be together. We are all over RK, please please please make Sultan and Madhu get together. If RK and Madhu get back together, it will get very boring as we have seen their love sences already. WE WANT SULTAN PLEASE. He is beautiful :)

    If not Sultan and Madhu, then will STOP watching the show, not just me but all my workmates, uni mates as well as family who all wants Sultan and Madhu together.

    Sick of people saying RK and Madhu should get together, RK is now a history, this show should be all about Sultan and Madhu, most importantly SULTAN!!!

  • sara

    I love sultan with madhu…….rishbala scenes are really booring…

  • maheen

    Madhu should most definitely marry sultan. After all no one is expected to go back to someone after they did so much to you and R.K. really broke madhu’s heart. It is clear madhu and sultan are beginning to get feelings for each other, and sultan has a past which i think he will only reveal to madhu and madhu will feel she has something in common with sultan. It would be the best match if madhu and sultan get married, she does so well with his son and they have both been hurt in the past. RK is one of those people who changes his mind very easily, madhu is the down to earth person who will help anyone in need and is suited to sultan. she can’t go back to RK and be expected to love him and trust him like she used to, anything could happen. Sultan is starting to really like madhu and he tells her most things you wouldn’t tell someone, she is becoming a big part of his life, it wouldn’t be right to end that now and to go back to the one who destroyed your life in the first place.

  • rian

    If madhu starts loving sultan, then wat type of grl wl she be called, first in the story he loves a person,then aftr dat he fel in love wth r.k deeply again, and nw sultan, n of course sultan is a ganster,if he dies, n anothr actor enters in the show,wl she fal in love wth him again? Then wat type of role is she playing. Their is no questn dat madhu.s shld love sultan, even as revenge r.k did evrythng, r.k doesnt jst dnt knw wat he is feeling, ya he betrayed her,bt in her difcult tmes,there was always r.k to help him standing by her side, ya sultan have cme in jst to create distnce betwn r.k n madhu bt if it goes, u mgt get 10 00 of fans bt u,l loose lakhs of fans,n the best example is yr trps got reduced,wen there was no r.k…

  • rk and madhu big fans

    Everyone gone mad a what? I think sultan and madhu chemistry is worst..The trp will go down.. 99% audience like a rk and madhu chemistry i am right.why some people want sultan and madhu chemistry and to make down trp.let me remain u all of u the hit daily soap iss pyar ko kya naam doon they make good chemistry between arnav and kushi the writer was awesome… Sö plz keep rk nd madhu 2gthr.. Plz dnt make hit shw 2 flop plz.. Sultan iz so boring men… Plz madhubala’s wrter keep madhu nd rk 2gthr.. If sultan nd madhu vl kme close nd u vl shw thier love stry den i nd many of mah frndz vl stp watchin diz shw… Plz madhubala’s writer keep diz shw interestin.. The shw vl interestin dat tym whn rk nd madhu vl be 2gthr.. V ol love rishabala k

  • Nathulaldak

    Pls I request director pls don’t separate Rk and madhubala plssssssss we love Rk and madhubala sultan character is boring madhu wil always love only Rk

  • Nathulaldak

    Pls sir i request director pls don’t separate Rk and madhubala plssss pls don’t listen any one pls sir listen ur heart don’t separate Rk and madhubala

  • archna

    It is only RK-madhu

  • Alisha

    Rk is the best n perfect husband in my mind n han the show belongs to madhu n rk no sultan sultan came jst nw 99% wants madhu n rk as a couple sultan is jst for a tym paas to strech the show for some months husbad ho to lyk rk i love u rk hus band have all the ryt to do ishq n junnon same as rk

  • shanker




  • meghana


  • Princel dsouza

    I think so RK n only RK is best for madhu sultan just came a few days b4 n will go after few days madhu will not marry with sultan coz he is gangster

  • nai

    RK Fans you all need help. I would like to see how much you would like this person (RK) if he was married to your daughter sister or friend.
    He is mad and disrespectful, he has been since day one.
    He was faking his love with madhu it was all a act.
    Now he has gone back to his original personality rube and disrespectful.
    So all the love you RK fans are giving is miss placed for a character that he was playing to trap his wife to love him so he could dump her and seek his revenge. How sick is that

    Team Sultan not only for his look but for the respect he shows to madhus mother.
    Look how sultan speaks to madhu mum and look at how rude rk is.
    If a man can not respect his mother or anyones mother he will never respect a women.

    • sain

      no you are so wrong we are not RK fan who ditch madhu but we are that rishab fan which cvs shows us that he has some psycho problem and have lot of pain by her mother, father, and love one he need some help and madhu can help him and she done. so don’t happy to see this but want to see that RK change from bad boy to good boy and trust on madhu by her sacrifices and love. if not madhu should leave him
      but what cvs done they drain whole story
      now start gangster story i want to ask you same question that to save your daughter or sister can you marry her with any gangster or criminal who will be so much beautiful, smart and respect women has a son killed several persons, has criminal background run from police even his opposite gangster has no place to save his son and want a help from a common girl.
      if yes than many gangster will be happy to you
      but i don’t like present psycho RK and neither gangster sultan with any women

    • S.B

      well written. very logical.I totally agree with u.

      • S.B

        my above post was in reply to nai’s post.

  • jayashri

    We like rk & madhu jodi. But let rk realize his mistake. Then they will reunite.

  • P.C.

    I must like the RK and Madhu jodi and I reunite them securedly.

  • archna


  • Ruchita

    i would obviously like to see madhu and rk together but after rk accepting his mistake.

  • sain

    no doubt if cvs want to close this show they can do this
    i don’t know why they used stupid revenge and gangster track
    they can use bulraj chodri track as long as madhu start working in films and when his fall down start he than realize that its because of madhu as pandit said than RK try to save his wife it was real story which cvs promised us to show but they killed bullu suddenly in few episodes and know there is no reason to watch this show
    all story going in hell
    vivian d sena doing great job as RK love your performance so much keep rocking
    other actors and actresses also doing great job
    but i think cvs and writer mind is out of control or want some rest or already on rest

  • Jayshree

    A very well written article !!!! Yes its Rishbala all the way for me. I absolutely hate the Sultan and Madhubala scenes and Madhu giving those lovey dovey looks to Sultan, so even thinking about Sulbala in the future is like yuckkk !!! When watching a show if I like a couple I would always vouch for them till the end, just because a new guy enters you want the girl to go to him? how many times do you want that to happen? If Sultan does something really wrong him being a gangster and all, do you want Madhu to leave him in the future and go for a new guy? The people now crying Sulbala were never true RK or Rishbala fans,who happen to be the leads, just a reminder.
    Also people giving the weirdest reasons for wanting Sulbala now, they’ve watched a lot of Rishbala romance so now they want something new. Do you guys don’t find it fishy that the CVs keep painting the antagonist in such mahaan light and the protagonist into this psycho? If they can turn a beautiful romance into revenge, can’t they give the antagonist something better to do than just lying around and think about Madhu and lattu for her in a couple of days? I mean he is supposed to be a gangster, that is a gun he carries not a bouquet.
    So in my POV, heck yes RK deserves to be given a chance for redemption. Simply HATE third wheels in a show !!!!

  • piya khurrana

    Plsss i beg the writter or the producer of the show
    That never separate rk n madhu they be a owsum couple if
    They are separated whole serial will ne ridiculous
    Everyone loves that drama and i feel we lve the drama
    Whenever rishbala is together so deir nok jhok also gves a entertaining
    Scene plsss if sultan leads a bit more all the fnz are gonna hte it
    Alottttt plsssss thnk abt the TRP is getting low dy bydy
    Plsss gve it a gud turn or else MEIEJ will be boring and
    Dwn thnk abt it , as i hte sultans soft corner in madhus heart and sultans interference, hes getting over…………….
    Guyssss i am ryt naaaa now its our tym to maje rishbala
    TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helpppppp me::::::::::::::::

  • P.C.

    We must claim to the producer or writer that he must RK the husband of Madhubala as hero not as villain. The villain (the gangstar Sultan)removed forever from the life of jodi of RK and Madhu. She(Madhu)is so stupid. She is also below than RK because for taking the revenge he betrayed with her, if he loved that time, he could not take a revenge, where Madhu will take a revenge after loving him sooo much. She looks like Deepali. There is no distinguish between Deepali and Madhu.

  • Jenny

    Rk deserve madhu not that criminal gangster sultan. Rishbala is the best. Plz guys vote for rk

  • ajay

    please stop this poll yaar! it has to be RK, not clear why such questions are asked–all viewers are wanting RK, theme of story demands RK but still makers seem to have some strange confusions– Even Sultans photograph on page is irritating, please exit Sultan

  • Nisha

    If producer are mad rk and madhu are best to sultan ko ku bich may la rahe ho.serial may sultan stupid and bakwas lag raha hey.plz rk ko bolo madhu ko mandir may le ja kar saath phere le .nahi to koi bhi serial nahi dekhe ga.

  • ashu

    we want rishabh n madhu…..madhu shud make rk realise her importance in his life n dnt hate him as he was already hurt by dear ones….

  • keshu

    rishu n madhu are a sizzling couple…why is sultan being kabab mein haddi……..rk shud love madhu by leaving his ego n plzzzz madhu dnt hate him….he needs your love n support….

  • Trisha

    I cannot understand, how people still think that Madhu should be with RK after all the abuse and insanity.
    Frankly speaking, i would prefer her to be lone than with RK. I would not mind Sultan either.

    • Maria

      Trisha cause he is the hero of this serial. It’s written there”RISHBALA not SULTANBALA.So I don’t think so MADHU should leave RK..and live with Sultan.

  • Garima

    Pls, not RK and Madhu.
    That girl needs to be far away from him. I would love to see Madhu and Sultan together.



  • anil

    RK is soul of this serial– It has to be RK & Madhu only-
    Sultans presence is irritating , he needs to be out of show.

  • Bushra

    Rk and madhu are perfect together! No need of any sultan.. If madhu and sultan are together its gona be awful!

    • RINI

      You are right Bushra.They should stay away from Sultan.

  • ss

    RK is the heart of this shows n if madhu goes wth sultan then she proves tht she is a bitcccch n no pativrta n God fearing will do it…director wakeup n make it

  • Kavitha

    Plz send out dis msg to makers of dis show. Ban dis show after watchin 2days episode i m almost lost.madhu doesnt deserve d tag of pativratha anymore plz us shabd ka apmaan math karo . I think madhu s a person who gets fascinated 2 men whom she cums across . Rk s d heart of dis show n dis 2 d people who s lookin at him 4m negative side it was rk who felt n has shown concern n love 2wards madhu after their break up n b4 2 entry of sultan. Sultan seems like alien among human being use jald se jald exit door dhikao

  • p.c.

    Same as kavitha.
    we reunite madhu and rk jodi.
    Plz remove Sultan forever from their life.


    the serial becomes disgusting due the producer.
    who cannot portray the character madhubala.
    who create a boring story of revenge.
    who cannot hear request of removing sultan from their(Madhu and Rk)life and packing up forever from the serial.

  • proty

    we must reunite madhu-rk jodi.
    sultan is the most unwanted brainless char. he takes the scope of madhu’s extra goodness.this can be expected only from a gangstar and an illminded person who think humanity as a love e.g.Madhu’s giving colour on holi instead of her husband for saving from bhujang, but he (sullu) thinks that madhu loves him and when she admires his affectionate love for aryan, he thinks that madhu loveees him.
    moreover none can love a gangstar except the girl of the same gang and also illminded of our society.Madhu’s goodness is love for him.he thinks so. it is called characterless, brainless. sullu is like a dog.

  • P.C.

    we must reunite rk and madhu forever.

  • P.C.

    we must reunite rk and madhu forever.
    we don’t want sultan anymore.

  • pici

    only rk is the best for madhu.
    a mad can choose sultan.

  • P.C.

    no. sultan never!

  • Lovin mishra

    Rk is a perfact husband for madhu not sultan

  • The Ruthless One

    Eww who wants that disgusting ugly sadak chap! It’s RK all the way! Although he has a big ego he still loves Madhu. Now he has realised his mistakes and regret his past mistakes and has let go of his ego. So what’s more? Madhu only loves RK. People who cannot take it.. oh well too bad!


  • kajal

    i love u drasti and rk
    your show is rocking

  • Richu

    You shut up rk deserve only hate

  • jayashri

    Of course rk only.

  • izamun

    we dont want rk and madhu to b seperated there chemistry together is just great.hope sumthing good happens in the next episod.hope this divorce is just a ploy to trap sultaan.this series is one of a kind the nok jhok of rk and madhu was goin great y sultaan wants to marry her….still cant get it…

  • nisha

    RK and madhu to be to together.rk was a changed man and he deserves hapiness he olready asked forgivness and there jodi is no1 go rk go

  • malar

    rkm (rk madhu) are best onscreen couple………….. no sultan can be in the place of rk …………. plz make madhu and rk to get together…………

  • malar

    we want only rk nt sultan if madhu falls love with sultan the character of madhu will become flirt……………….. only rk is best…………. i love rk………….