Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will RK and Madhu have unprotected sex?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will RK and Madhu have unprotected sex?

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Imagine then, what all can happen after a glass of alcohol!

In the upcoming episodes of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, RK (Vivian DSena) will throw a lavish party to which Madhu (Drashti Dhami) is also invited. Ideally, knowing the situation, we expected that she would skip the bash, but Madhu never does what she should.

At the party, Rishab apparently spikes Madhu’s drink and gets her drunk. He himself loses control after he drinks excessively. During the soiree, the couple open their hearts and reveal how they truly feel about each other, something they wouldn’t do if they were in their senses, stone cold sober and thinking straight. Par honi ko kaun taal sakta hai, right?

It seems that Madhu spends the night at RK’s mansion. Now we are a little unclear if she sleeps with RK and whether they actually have sex, but Madhubala wakes up to find RK right next to her in bed. Shocked, she leaves the mansion in a hurry forgetting her dupatta tangled in RK’s sheets. Ahem… ahem!

When Rishab wakes up, he finds only Madhu’s dupatta, not Madhu herself. Angry, he asks Bittuji for an explanation. Bittuji then enlightens RK about the events of the night, leaving the snobbish actor a little more than embarrassed, ‘coz apparently during the party RK declared Madhu was his wife and requested her to never leave him. So melodramatic, no?

If Madhu and RK really had unprotected sex, will their adventurous night have after effects…if you get our meaning. For all you know, the makers may soon write in a track where Madhu is pregnant with RK’s child… OMG!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Nazareth

    OMG, we should star thinking baby name now. I want princess junior.

    • aisha

      really i agree with u guys .this is not right time 2 do all this things. dont use such a headline it gives people sick feeling

  • soniyaa

    Listen You Whatever, firstly why u did copy paste of Times of Indis’s article ? secondly,if u’ve copied TOI article then do it properly…they didn’t mention abt sex !

    And I think you never watched a single episode of Madhubala…CV’s r planning to make Madhu heroine not mother.And Hang On! How can you be so sure that they will have unprotected sex..may be RK will use condom.

    So,pls No need to think abt RK-Madhu’s sex or abt their future track.If you are dying to write article abt Madhubala then don’t copy others article pls…go n find out something new & truth news abt the show and then make an article.

    • Soni

      well said Soniya
      I Agree.. i am a follower of this serial & love all the characters… i like reading everything said about this serial but this headlines of this article was not good… gave me a sick feeling..
      The writer should feel responsible because of the platform she has got to express about characters who are dear to so many of us.

  • sagorika

    to attreact people baving this type of headline is really disgusting . gernalisam should be more sophisticated not cheap

  • sagorika

    to attreact people having this type of headline is really disgusting . gernalisam should be more sophisticated not cheap!

  • Harshu

    wht d f??????? why u guys alwys post such ridicilous news just for attracting people. d is nt ryt if u want to post plz post somethng real nt any crap

    • pinky

      I think you are right.They should not do those stuff for attractig people.

  • anna karenina

    whatever and however, both rock together and sizzle on screen. More scenes of them loving each other and pulling each others legs.

  • ash roy

    please guyz don,t mention these fake stupid news we carefully watch the serial along with its latest updates posted by hte cv,s and there z no such update so please avoid these ridiculous news……..just for the attraction of ur article..u r totally losers…….

  • anjali

    i think that there is a possiblility of conflist between each other

  • jasmehta

    we want r.k to get suffer for madhubala and sultan and madhubala love each other I must say that this story Will be best to watch and also for t.r.p*

  • Nathulaldak

    Madhubala love only Rk not sultan Rk madhubala chemistry r good Rk madhubala made for each other

    • anita kapoor

      I agree you,whoever

  • alia khan

    It is very difficult for Madubala if she is pregnant and the story will be more intresting.

  • manisha

    I want R.K n madhu to get back together but R.K must realize his mistake n say sorry to madhu

  • jasmehta14

    sulabala is the best I firmly say if they won’t be together and madhubala choose r.k that will not be so good we don’t want this me and my whole friends want to see the track of sulabala because they worth each other r.k just need to suffer because he deserve it

  • jasmehta14

    I am biggest fan of vivan but as a good story and to watch his character is going truly negative and on other hand sultan’s character is like hero so he need to be a new lead of
    madhubala and r.k needs to play as villan as he always does

  • jasmehta14

    I agree with you madhubala is a glamorous girl and we want to see her and sultan romantic track what we want is just madhubala to be happy but with r.k ‘s character it is not good anymore now their is only sultan who deserve her love because he does not accuse her for any thing and they will always be happy with each other

  • roshini

    commom dear tumne dkha nhi wo sab repeat ho rah jo rk k sath hua dhokha fir pyar jab madhu rk ko age badne k liye kah sakti hai towo khud nhi bad rhi hai so i like rk madhu chemistry….
    kisi ko kahna asan hota hai par jab apne par beethi hai tab pata chalta hai

  • seiena

    is this really true well theye make great couples