Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: Will RK forgive Madhu for the accident?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Rishab Kundra in his arrogance has put all his money and assets on mortgage to produce his own movie and prove a point, but his enemies won’t let go that easily

RK (Vivian DSena) puts all he ever earned into his new movie where his wife Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) plays his heroine. Unfortunately for him, his enemies will stop at nothing to see him ruined and penniless. They almost succeeded several times, but some miracle of stroke of luck always managed to save RK.

However their latest attack on Rishab, leaves him fighting for his life in the hospital and Madhubala behind bars. But under the orders of Pabbo, as part of her offering Madhu decides to walk on coal and save her husband – talk about superstitions. Wonder what the makers are trying to pull here by putting in such a stunt in the show. If you ask us it seems very regressive and somehow sends the wrong message to the viewers.

Moving on, so Madhu saves him but not for long. When RK regains consciousness he realises that one side of his body is paralysed. And now his his dreams of producing his own movie will never be fulfilled. Well if RK – the superstar is paralysed, who will be Madhu’s hero in the movie?

Will the makers introduce a new hero to takeover or will the makers show Madhu continuing in the film line to make ends meet and fulfill RK’s dreams?

Either ways, it doesn’t look like RK will be able to complete his movie; atleast not anytime soon. And their relationship looks like is in some major trouble. What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mou

    me too..cmpletely against d walkng on coal cncept f makers & shwng it wrks..ds s really spreadng a wrng wen did dey cr fr al ds?? the end f sultan trck ws soo horrible..dey let d gangstr blame d lead..& he gt bullets n return..wsn’t it needed dt d gangstr gt a reality chk..!! u knw wat..d ppl who wr supportng ds gangstr (may b less n f dm r frm our society nly & sm f dm wr highly qualified too) stll thnk he ws r8.!!!we knw al ds r jst 2 attrct d bg questn is dt evn f a single prsn watchng ds strts 2 blv by follwng ds u cn sv ur loved nce.dn!! i knw d answr s ds s jst a fiction..i do undrstnd we al knw ds shws smwhr affct our society whr n 2013 also ppl lk narebdra davolkr s killed fr hs attempt 2 stp al ds nonsense..isn’t it??!!ds s my fav shw..watchng it fr pst 1 yr..& m cmpltly dissapointd by seeing ds irresponsible promotn f suprstitn…hpng 2 see smthng positv nw..& atleast smthng mr me hw cn a ‘sandhu’ by placng hs hnd n a photo cn visualize a 23yrs lng stry??!! whr s d logic?? i used 2 thnk tl mid april ds s 1 f smrtest shw n telly..dnt knw wat happend 2 dm aftr dt?? dey cudn’t clr d mess dey creatd durng sultan trck & again dey hv strted..i really hp dt aftr ds d makers f my fav serial wud thnk nce b4 shwng al ds nonsense n TV..whr shws lk Crime Petrol & Savdhan india tryng 2 curb on ds issues dey r promotng al ds..

  • simran

    show madhu landing up in hospital & struggling for life for doing some prayers for rk to be fine as earlierwant to c the reaction of he warns deepali.radha & paboo for this attempt done to madhu.rk gets fine when he sees madhu doing it for his sake & gets up to save her.this track will be superb