Madhur Bhandarkar relieved of rape charges

The director can breathe a sigh of relief as the court quashes the rape case against him

After the debacle that was Heroine, Madhur Bhandarkar finally has a silver lining to his cloud. The Supreme Court has dismissed the case against the director where he was accused by aspiring actor Preeti Jain of raping her back in 2004.

The verdict came in today, and an ecstatic Madhur Bhandarkar could not contain his emotions, “I was in the corridor when the verdict was announced. I was numb. I am so relieved right now, words cannot express how I feel.”

Apparently, it was Preeti herself who said in the court that she was not interested in pursuing the case against Madhur any longer, since it was now dated. Meanwhile, the police too had supported Madhur and said that the case was maliciously false; however, it took the courts time to decide upon a fair verdict. The director has been battling the allegations for nine years after Preeti Jain, an aspiring actor, alleged that Madhur had raped her a number of times on the pretext of promising her a plum role in an upcoming film…which never materialised.

Well, good for Madhur, since he can now focus on making a film without any distractions – by the way, was that why Heroine was such a disaster?