Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Chandni Bar’ & ‘Fashion’ at Berlin film fest

Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Chandni Bar’ & ‘Fashion’ at Berlin film fest

Bhandarkar will also promote his Kareena Kapoor-starrer Heroine at the fest

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s two National Award-winning movies, Chandni Bar and Fashion, will be showcased at the Indian Film Festival (IFF) to be held in Berlin August 15-19, 2012.

Chandni Bar (2001), starring Tabu in the lead, put the spotlight on the gritty life of bar girls and the Mumbai underworld. Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut starrer Fashion (2008) revealed the underbelly of the glamorous fashion world.

Bhandarkar is humbled by the love and support of the international festival. “I’m glad that my films have made a special slot for people around the world. I am looking forward to be there for the festival with two of my most loved films – Chandni Bar and Fashion,” Bhandarkar said in a statement.

The festival has dedicated a section called Leading The New Wave to the director, who is known for making hard-hitting and realistic cinema. “I have seen almost every film of Madhur Bhandarkar and I always wondered why Germany doesn’t get to see his work, so at IFF Berlin, we took this opportunity to screen two of his remarkable films,” said Alexandra Ccahuana Tito, chief executive officer of the festival.

Bhandarkar will also release the new trailer of his upcoming film Heroine – starring Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda -  at the fest.

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  • shaashy

    I can’t begin to express HOW BAD the movie “Fashion” is. Stone faced “actors” milling about mumbling predictable lines. The characters are so shallow a stereotype would be an improvement. No matter what Meghna (Pryanka) does in the film her hair and makeup are perfect. Not a single person in the film has any acting ability whatsoever.

    And its so S-L-O-W. Excruciatingly, painfully, crushingly S-L-O-W. We finally turned the dame thing off. Couldn’t take the pain any more. NOTHING HAPPENS. Priyanka’s character’s name is “Meghna”, same name as the river. I was hoping she would jump into the river just to see something happen.

    Movie is also EXTREMELY racist. Supposedly Meghna is on a downward slide but the only time we get any reaction is when she hits rock bottom. And what constitutes rock bottom? Sleeping with a black guy…… So everything she does in the film is okay, but sleeping with the black guy is the last straw? There is nothing more shameful she can do in this world? SHAME!

    Please people. Take your blinders off. This movie is C**P!
    Its a pity too. Priyanka is such an exquisitely beautiful women – absolutely stunning. Trapped in bad movies.