Posted Mon, November 12, 2012 2:20pm IST

The dancing diva is back in B-town and busy persuading ladies to take good care of their skin. But while she’s at the job, Mads drops certain candid tidbits

As the brand ambassador of Olay, Madhuri Dixit was recently spotted promoting the skin care product at an event. And we must say, the actor who is a reality television judge, looked really slim, svelte and gorgeous in her black dress. And while there, the diva decided to share what all she could (or rather could not) do in mere 10 minutes. And one of the tasks that she couldn’t was cooking! Ahem ahem.

Coming from the superb house-maker that Madhuri is, the revelation did make us sit up and take notice. But sharing the reason, Mads said, “Indian cooking requires so many steps, so I don’t think you can achieve that in such a short duration. It always is a little more than 10 minutes.” And to add to that list was quarrels with husband Sriram Nene, which according to Madhuri, takes days to resolve. Sigh!

But we must say, there wasn’t a trace on stress on Madhuri’s beautiful face. Wonder, if it’s the skin care product or her ever-optimistic attitude. What do you think, readers?

Photos: Yogen Shah