Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla are blah together: view cover pic!

Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla are blah together: view cover pic!

Here are the two arch rivals of Gulaab Gang making us go ‘whatever’ with their not-so-dazzling cover appearance together. Tell us if you think otherwise!

Ooops!-now that was our instant reaction when we witnessed a golden opportunity of capturing two demigoddesses of their times–and the fierce arch-rivals of their cinematic heydays- getting wasted completely.

Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla the two delicious delights of any photographer simply dawned yawns out of us, thanks to this dull cover of a popular filmi glossy.

We wish if only their dazzling smiles could have been saved from what can be called a disastrous shoot that was further marred by excessive photshopped gimmicks. Watch Mad’s neckline and inconsistently air-brushed double chin and you will get what are we talking about. The boring pastel shade as the backdrop and the classic of use of the never-goes-wrong-no-matter-what black butchered your excitement in a jiffy.

We mean it- here are the two divas who never saw each other eye-to-eye when they were right at the top of their careers, now coming together for the first time, trying to bond like teenagers housed in the same penthouse. Now that idea will conjure up colours and masti in your head, but the excessively formal dressing (to hell with chic) and the boring colur tones, not to mention the intensely fake expressions of bonhomie flashed by the two ladies, striking that really blah pose,simply killed our mojo..err our mood in one swift stroke.

The duo looked more style-forward, friendly and relaxed on Koffee With Karan instead. Even their camaraderie looked less put on the coffee show when they celebrated their ‘togetherness’-for their movie, of course. Tell us if you agree to disagree or you are with us on this for we stated the naked truth without batting an eyelid!

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  • prakash

    totallly rubbish…article.I puked reading ur thoughts

    You are from which planet?
    I know this is a PR excercise from anti-Gulaabgang people cause total siyaapa and Queen releasing the same day..To stir people.
    These two people are looking stunning..and the women power reflects.
    U r definitely a sexist who supports 50 year old sanjay dutt romancing prachi desai or the ageing khans doing lungi dance with heroines aged their daughters ..

    This Tactics wont work..sorry ..Your journalism career seems doomed

  • shrestha

    these ladies are just so beautiful
    U really need glasses.
    Its not that the entire Picture is photo shopped..Even if its Photoshopped so whats the big deal???? is it a tsunami situation??? 9/11???or gujrat riots???
    U r saying as if the earth has come to halt with this Cover pic.
    Seriously u will take press and media to shame..Go and enroll in some Mass communication degree and then start writing for ZEE group.. Go and cover the politics beat,,entertainment beat not ur cup of tea

  • milan227

    The term is ‘sophisticated’ not ‘blah’. Their picture reflects their age, their mindset and their maturity. And they are gorgeous. Madhuri and Juhi are bindass in their photos – you want something for your mojo, you can follow Poonam Pandey. Seriously, get a life.

  • Amazing

    They look amazing. For once the beauty is in there smile, eyes and covered bodies. You should be ashamed for writing so negatively about the true beauties of bollywood

  • shahzad

    love juhi and madhuri

  • roselle

    madhuri and juhi have been in the industry for more than 25yrs now, their long and successful journey needs to be appreciated

  • tina

    what a hack of an article. you must be having a really bad day; hard to miss from the undertone but that by no means entitle you to take it out on them
    they look gorgeous. you need to get a life

  • Suraiya

    They look stunning as always. Don’t hate just cause they are not showing every body part like all the others are doing.

  • suljook

    they look beautidull together, what the hell you r talking about, if its photoshopped than what a big deal?? each and every picture of starsare photoshopped..u really have to follow slutry icons of bollywood, leave our fav juhi and mads alone,,,not only ur journalism but mind also dooomed, bad article;shocked to read,how you get the job!!

  • SilverWolf

    To the author of this article: Go back to your day job of selling tea and pakoras cause your days are numbered in journalism.