Madhuri Dixit Nene or Juhi Chawla: Who looked more stylish on Koffee with Karan?

Madhuri Dixit Nene or Juhi Chawla: Who looked more stylish on Koffee with Karan?

The two competitors played out a tussle of sorts, style wise that is, to grab out attention. You tell us who between the two impressed you more with her unique fashion sense!

Even when the two arch-rivals of their times-Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla- looked their amicable best while sharing the couch on the popular chat show Koffee with Karan, the tension in the air was palpable. Both Mads and Juhi looked cordial, warm and welcoming to each other, but the residue of their not-so-friendly equation from the past was showing its effect- no matter what and no matter how the duo was trying to conceal their true sentiments towards each other oh-so-cleverly and discreetly.

But more than their much talked about animosity, we were more interested in knowing who will turn up their sartorially sensible avatars to steam it up with KJo.

While the dhak-dhak girl was glowing (thanks to some miracle bronzer or skin polishing) as she dazzled us with her million dollar smile that the diva wore with a beautifully crafted Sabyasachi saree. The cream coloured drape with thick gold bordered and a hint of pink hue thrown in matched the sleevless pink blouse. The dangling earrings only added more drama to the glam look. But Mads carried the ensemble only the way she can-with lots of charm, royalty and oomph.

Juhi on the other hand chose to wear an intricately designed maroon anarkali. The full-sleeved creation with intricate gold embroidery with royal blue pleats at the centre of the suit made Juhi look classy. The star really knows how to dress her age. The buttons, the floral work on the garment and the full sleeves only made Juhi look elegant and chic.

Now tell us who made you go wow with her drool-worthy style statement?

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  • Andy

    Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri!!!

  • DAAN


  • Lehar Zaidi

    Both but Juhi looks younger.

  • guest


  • hash

    Juhi looked more real and comfortable.Madhuri looked good but like she had 2kgs of make up and polish on her face alone.

  • PM

    Juhi looked more classy, bubblie while Madhri looked sexy and elegant. Both were great in their own. Juhi’s acceptance for refusing second lead for dil to pagal hai was quite down to earth attitude and Madhuri’s smiley face at that point was memorable and high point of show. Ranvir Singh was awesome too!

  • Neil

    madhuri was constantly shaking her legs.. which means she was not comfortable and was not so confident

  • ria

    Wow. Both born in ’67, both stepping out into the limelight in ’84, and 30 years later both still getting compared for their fashion sense!! C’mon, they’re stunning in their own different ways.

    But… There were definite cold vibes bouncing off the screen, despite the attempts to smile sweetly and charm viewers. Can’t wait to see their chemistry in Gulaab Gang. I’m pretty sure it’ll be crackling hot… with all that competitive female energy. Movie shud be fun to watch!!

    • ZAI


  • zara

    madhuri looked ethereal and juhi looked chic. i believe juhi could have looked better
    i wish they do more movies together

  • Pravin

    well both r looking fab…. but for me its Madhuri…..

  • Anish

    Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri

  • Kavesh

    Madhuri > Juhi, but both are fantastic yaar….

  • Anjali

    but are 40+ and its great to see someone maintain so well, hats off both ladies.
    Madhuri smile is a killer… Juhi is sweet….

  • Garima

    Mai Madhuri Dixit banana chahti hu :) Madhuri ofcourse, Juhi is also nice, but I dont like her voice, its too kiddish

  • Pal

    juhi looked elegant and pretty! madhuri looks plastic due to botox :(

  • Anubhav

    Madhuri Dixit is the most beautiful women on this earth….. She is Legend while Juhi Chawla not… its a Fact believe it or not

  • Anubhav

    Madhuri of course yaar….. Juhi Madhuri ke aas paas bhi nahi hai yaar… Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri

  • sky

    Juhi looked awesome sophisticated elegant and a very original.Madhuri looked lovely in the Sari but Juhi’s style was more unique and uplifting.