Madhuri Dixit says relocation will be taxing

The Dhak dhak queen is happily packing her stuff to shift to India in October, but at the same time she is going through anxiety pangs

The Nene-Dixit household in Denver is gearing for the relocation to Mumbai, but at the same time, the lady of the house, Madhuri Dixit is going through mixed emotions. In an interview to a newspaper the reigning queen of the 90s said, “Shifting from one country to another is physically and emotionally taxing. Right now, I am packing our stuff so we can come back in October. There’s a whole gamut of emotions I am going through and there is a lot of packing to do… I have been here for 10 years and have friends here.” If that’s the case with her, we wonder how her US born and bred husband and kids will adjust to the new place. Madhuri said she is confident that her doctor husband who has been visiting India since childhood won’t have difficulty with the change of place; it’s her sons – Arin and Ryan that worries her. “The kids are having mixed emotions – they are sad about leaving their best friends behind in the US, but are excited as India is a different environment,” she said. This should ideally put any rumours of turmoil in her married life to rest. Madhuri also clarified that the relocation wasn’t because of the recession in the US. The couple have been thinking of moving to India for a while now and grabbed the opportunity when it came knocking on their door.