Mahabharat: Dushasan aka Nirbhay Wadhwa not scared of being typecast as a baddie – Watch Cheerharan promo!

The game of dice has taken an ugly turn that has left Pandavas helpless thanks to their oath

Dushasan aka Nirbhay Wadhwa who shot the Draupadi cheerharan shot with Draupadi aka Pooja Sharma and the rest of the cast for Mahabharat is unaffected by the baddie tag that he will carry after the episode goes on air. The promo of this vastraharan scene that was recently shot has garnered a lot of interest in the show. While Pooja who plays Draupadi in the show will emerge as the hero post this sequence, Nirbhay who plays the evil Dushasan feels that his reel image will not affect him in real, however we doubt that. Pooja Sharma had said in an interview, “I can’t even express in words what I felt as a woman while enacting the vastraharan sequence. And if someone thinks that Draupadi must have felt weak during the Vastraharan act, viewers should see the episode to get the real picture.”

Nirbhay too in an interview to a news daily expressed his views, “Lot of people ask me if I am worried about my image in the minds of viewers after the telecast of Cheer-haran sequence in Mahabharat. But I’m not apprehensive about my image post the telecast of cheerharan sequence because I know I’m a good person and playing a negative character won’t make me negative.”

However, considering that everybody from hero to a villain carries a unique tag in the entertainment world, we’re sure that Nirbhay’s antagonist role might not earn him a sweet lover boy role anytime soon. As for the being labelled as a villain, don’t we all know that the most dreaded villains of entertainment world were thorough gentlemen in real, but did they ever get to romance a heroine. BollywoodLifers, do you think Nirbhay Wadhwa too will be a victim of his onscreen character?

Here take a look at Nirbhay aka Dushasan in the Mahabharat cheerharan promo!