Mahabharat latest promo: Krishna predicts war’s aftermath to Draupadi!

War is never a solution to peace

Mahabharat the epic war between the good and evil, Pandavas and Kauravas is about to begin. Arjun (Shaheer Sheikh) and Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) have to choose between Lord Krishna (Saurabh Raaj) and the narayani sena and Arjun make his pick by choosing the Lord instead of a huge army, while Duryodhan admits that he has no choice left, but to pick the left over narayani army. While the battle lines are drawn and the Pandavas an Kauravas are ready to take on each other, it is Draupadi (Pooja Sharma) who hopes that the war is called off. Krishna predicts that apart from the Pandavas nobody will survive the ghastly battle. This leaves Draupadi troubled, she pleads with Lord to avoid this battle. Will her wish for peace be granted by Govind? Will Draupadi’s love for her children be a small sacrifice before the epic battle? Well, can love erase the burning hatred between Kauravas and the Pandavas. Here take a look at the latest promo from Mahabharat